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Boyshort Underwear

Boyshort Undies for Women

Boy oh boy! There’s a boyshort from Aerie you’ll LOVE. This women’s underwear fit is great for ALL booties! Say yes to a full coverage fit, a low-rise design & no cheek peek. Super comfy leg openings and full booty & hip coverage makes this fit one of your absolute faves. 

Boyshorts are absolutely amazing under dresses and skirts. Boyshorts make great little PJ bottoms, too! Think boyshorts under sweatpants and joggers. The short-like silhouette of boyshorts makes them versatile enough to wear with sporty athletic pants like joggers and flowy, ruffled designs like dresses and skirts too. Boyshort undies make sure you have plenty of coverage for a secure fit that doesn’t ride up during your busy day.

Aerie boyshort undies are made with the BEST materials, like Real Soft® cotton for the right amount of stretch, Aerie Shine fabric for a silky, smooth feel, & soft lace for a pretty look & light feel. Some boyshorts use multiple fabrics like Shine + lace (!!!) so you have a look that’s both comfy & pretty. Bold unique prints, stripes, cut outs & bows are all pretty deets that make Aerie boyshorts stand out. From the brightest neons to true to you nudes, your undie drawer will be full of L-O-V-E.

If total coverage is your style, boyshort undies are a serious love. But, if you want to check out some other forever faves, peep our assortment of cheeky & boybrief undies. Both of these styles are playful & fun with a comfy low-rise design, but show a little more booty! Looking for a perf pair for your new undies? Check out our bras & bralettes.