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Our hat’s off to you – you know how to accessorize. From your head to your toes, you’ve got it covered and so do we. American Eagle serves up all the headwear essentials you need to complete an outfit, a look, a style and a day. From our assortment of classic baseball hats, cozy comfy beanies and everything in between, we’ve got your noggin covered no matter what the day calls for.

Let’s start with our classic baseball cap design. Long gone are the days of having the same old tired hat for every day of your life. When you head out the door you want options, which is why we serve them up in style with our line of baseball caps. We make ‘em in neutral colors for an understated accessory piece, and also in bright colors with 90s inspired style for a throwback vibe if that’s more your thing. Our AE branded men’s hats serve up a little American Eagle style, and our team hats let you celebrate your favorite professional sports teams in style. USA Americana hats let your freedom flag fly, and patterns like camo show off your outdoor style.

If you’re not a baseball hat guy no worries – we’ll still handle your headwear needs with our assortment of beanies. This cold-weather favorite keeps your head warm and feelin’ good even when the temperature drops this season. Skully beanie caps are a more standard style, and waffle beanies start to serve up that slouchy beanie look you’re going for. Trapper hats use an ear flap design to keep your ears covered from the elements, and pom beanies add more color pop to your cold-weather ensemble. Big cuffs, pom-poms, flannel material and fleece all elevate AE headwear this fall and winter.

Need a couple options for your headwear? Our beanie 2-packs have got you covered. Or keep one and give on to a friend since American Eagle men’s hats make for great gifts to yourself and for friends. If a baseball hat isn’t enough to keep the sun away, check out our line of sunglasses to keep the sun out of your eyes no matter what time of year it is. And if you need more cold-weather accessories this season, lean on our collection of winter gear to stay warm and bundled in style.