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Men's Zip-Up Hoodies
Layer your day your way with AE Men’s Zip Up Hoodies. Zip ups show off your style with an easy vibe you can layer with your favorite men's shirts and tops like graphic tees, button up shirts, flannels, and long sleeve tees. They’re designed with the hoodie elements you know and love like super-soft fabrics and front pockets, and feature an essential front zip to create a versatile style you can wear anywhere, whether you just need an extra layer at work or want to throw something on over your t-shirt on a cold day.

Keep your look laid-back and easy with a lightweight zip up hoodie, perfect for running errands or lounging around the house. Or maybe you need a more formal look for work or school and can pair a zip up hoodie with your favorite button up shirts or polo. Zip hoodies are the easiest on-the-go top, making them just-right for work, school and play. Wear it unzipped over a graphic tee to show off what you’re into, or wear one with other cold-weather faves like sweaters and flannels to stay warm wherever you go.

Zip up hoodies offer everything you need to get the job done while out on a run, at the gym, or out hiking. Reflective details on the body and sleeves make sure you’re visible in the early morning or late at night, and super-soft fleece keeps you comfortable. A drawstring design keeps your hood secure even when pounding the pavement or hitting the trail, and hip pockets make storing your keys, phone, and other essentials easy. For your post-gym hang out sesh, switch gears and wear your hoodie with joggers for a laid-back vibe.

Want some more easygoing style from your tops? Check out the full line of men’s hoodies and sweatshirts for more options like pullover hoodies, crew neck sweaters, sweatshirts, lightweight hoodie tees, and more. Wear them with your favorite men's jeans fits like skinny jeans, stacked jeans, slim jeans, Athletic fit jeans, and more to create the look you want, when you want.