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Men's Khaki Joggers
Dress up your most laid-back style with American Eagle khaki joggers. These woven joggers offer a slightly more polished look than your classic fleece joggers, and use the same colors and fabrics as your favorite pair of khaki pants and chinos. They still have the same tapered jogger fit you want, but create a more dressed up vibe when the occasion calls for it – whether that’s for a family dinner, school event or whatever else. Khaki joggers are a simple way to step up your style game since they keep comfort levels high but come in a woven fabrication that mimics your favorite AE khaki pants.

AE khaki joggers are the most versatile men’s pants you’ve ever owned since you can wear them with any men’s top you can think of. Dress them up with a long sleeve button down shirt for a family dinner or team event, or keep things relaxed by wearing them with an AE graphic tee or hoodie. This style is made for everything from date night to game night, and keeps comfort levels as high as possible no matter what you’re up to. Since the fit is relaxed through the thigh and has a tapered leg design, these joggers are made to move with you and keep up with your on-the-go day. An active drawstring waist keeps the fit custom, and elastic at the waistband and ankle keep the fit in place.

Choose from all the khaki color options you want – from lighter tans to dark caramel hues to deep navy blues, we’ve got you covered. And when you’re ready to step up your style game, suit up in a printed camo jogger for next level style. The hits don’t stop coming at our color choices – we also make our khaki joggers with the best stretch fabrics available. Ne(x)t Level Flex fabric moves with you 24/7 and doesn’t bag out or lose shape after a full day of wear. Looking for a slightly more relaxed style than our woven joggers? All good – we’ve got plenty of options with our cotton fleece and performance fleece joggers. Cotton fleece offers an all-day comfort for casual wear, and performance fleece offers a great fit at the gym or out on a run.

Wear your joggers how you want and feel good about your style daily. Comfort is crucial, so don’t make any sacrifices when it comes to your comfort levels. Wear your khaki joggers with a men’s polo shirt for a posh look that’s got some prep-inspired vibes, or wear it with a basic t-shirt for an easy vibe. Mix and match your joggers and men’s shirts however you want, and level up your look with men's khaki pants or men's jeans in fits like slim, skinny, and Athletic when you want.