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Women's Jeggings & Skinny Jeans

AE BFF Jeggings

1-size-fits-3 design!

Three models in AE BFF Jeggings
The AE BFF Jegging One-size-fits-three design for the perfect fit, always... All are wearing size medium!

Super High-Waisted Jeggings

Our skinniest fit in a super-high rise & soft stretch denim.

Riley is 5'9" and wearing the Super High-Waisted Jegging in a size 2.

Best Seller

High-Waisted Jeggings

Our skinniest fit in a high rise & soft stretch denim.

AE Women's Jeans
Skip the Rips The best non-distressed jeans for a cleaner look.

Low-Rise Jeggings

Our skinniest fit in a low rise & soft stretch denim.

38% The amount by which we've reduced the water used to make each pair of Real Good jeans.

'90s Skinny Jeans

A high-rise, vintage-inspired take on the skinny fit.

Stacked Jeans

Fitted through the thigh with a looser leg & longer length that stacks at the ankle.

Curvy Jeggings & Skinny Jeans

Our skinniest fit, designed for curves with more room through the hip & thigh.