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Everyday Fave: Black Leggings!

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Black Leggings: High Waisted, Flare, Bootcut & More 

Sleek, chic and oh-so-comfy, women’s black leggings are an essential part of your closet! Aerie black leggings offer a balance of stretch and support, hugging your curves in all the right places without ever compromising on comfort. Our black leggings are made of lightweight, buttery smooth fabric that moves with you, allowing for unrestricted movement throughout the day. Black leggings are extremely versatile, pairing effortlessly with a wide variety of tops, shoes, and accessories. Whether you prefer a casual look with sneakers or a more dressed-up vibe, black leggings complement any style and EVERY BODY.

From timeless classics to trendy styles, we have something for everyone. Say hello to the perfect blend of style and support with our high-waisted black leggings. Crafted to enhance your silhouette, these leggings offer a flattering, figure-enhancing look you'll love! Craving a touch of retro charm? Explore our fabulous black flare and bootcut leggings for a look that's far out! And for warmer days, black capri leggings provide a cooler option while still offering the same comfort and flexibility as full-length leggings.

At Aerie, we are proud to make the best black leggings around. From morning grocery runs to late-night movie marathons, our black leggings have you covered! Pair our black leggings with anything from cozy hoodies to your fave tees, there’s no wrong answer!