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G & H Cup Bras

Aerie Size G & H Cup Bras

Get the fit and look you want with Aerie bras! G & H cup bras make sure you have the exact right fit you’re looking for, every time. Whatever your day brings, whether you’re on the go or heading to work, running to class or lounging at home, you want to be comfortable every step of the way. G cup bras and H cup bras are here to keep you feeling comfy & not worrying about your bra! Choose G and H cup bras in new styles and designs, all made to feel good no matter where your day takes you.

Not sure how to size a bra? Check out the Aerie BFF (Best Fit Finder), a measuring tape designed to simplify the process of bra fitting. Bra sizing can be confusing, so we’re here to make it easier! Learn how to use the Best Fit Finder on Aerie Real Life, and make sure you have the fit you need to feel good in your own skin! Made specially for Aerie bra sizing, the Best Fit Finder is the best way to find your bra size if you can’t visit us in stores for a custom, free bra fitting! 

Shopping for a new bra is all about finding a style and fit that makes you feel good. For every kind of day and every kind of outfit, you can find a new favorite bra from our collection of wireless, unlined, lightly lined, and push up bras. They’re made with super soft fabrics, and include the best details ever like lace fabrication, stretch fabric, wider, reinforced straps, and a 3rd hook & eye for added comfort and support exactly where you need it. Love your skin & feel great in G & H cup bras designed in new colors and styles for the season!

Aerie is all about loving your body, so we offer sizes for everybody, including G & H cup bra sizes! Inclusive and extended sizes are here to make you smile, always. Find the bra sizes you want, the undies you need, and the softest, coziest apparel designed to keep you comfy everywhere you go!