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Made for your curves. Designed with more room through the hip & thigh.

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Women's Curvy Jeans
Curvy jeans from American Eagle update your women’s jeans to deliver the best-fitting, best-feeling jeans you’ve ever owned. Curvy jeans are designed with more room through the thigh and hip so you don’t have to worry about waistband gapping (when your jeans fit everywhere but are too loose at the waist, creating a gap), or sizing up to have the fit you want. Curvy jeans are a good choice if your jeans are tight through the thigh and hip, or if you have a 13" hip to waist difference. Since most women's jeans use a 10" difference, this creates a better fit for curves. Curvy jeans aren’t about a plus-size or petite fit, they’re about creating the right fit for people with all kinds of curves. Read our Curvy Jeans FAQ to get some answers to your frequently asked Curvy Qs.

Curvy jeggings take your favorite jeans – the jegging – and updates it for an improved fit. A slightly narrower waist design plus more room at the hip and thigh creates an ideal fit every time you slip into these beauties. Curvy jeggings come in high-waisted, super high-waisted, & highest waist fit so you can find the right fit for you! Other Curvy fits like the Curvy Mom jeans, Curvy flare jeans, Curvy baggy jeans, and Curvy straight-leg jeans update your fave fits with more room for curves. Plus, high-waisted jeans look good on everybody, and provide a secure and comfortable fit day in and day out. Pair them with your fave AE women’s top and you’ve got a combo worth talking about.

American Eagle curvy jeans use stretch denim fabrics for total comfort. Ne(x)t Level Stretch fabric is designed to move with you and never bag out, even after a long day of wear, and Super Stretch creates the right combo of stretch and structure. Dream Jeans and Lu(x)e jeans level things up with super comfy stretch fabrics. And since our curvy jeans for women are made with all the details you could want, you’ll always look as good as you feel. Rich indigo washes, light throwback styles, rips, tears, and frayed details combine to create the best feeling and looking women's jeans you’ve ever had.

These women's jeans are designed for curves and made for you so you can have the best fit possible. The curvy jean is designed to fit in all the right places and feel good no matter what you’re up to! Whether it’s time for a coffee date, class, or a night out with the girls, the Curvy jegging is behind you all the way (literally), serving looks you’re going to love. AE curvy jeans are available in an inclusive size range and in lengths like extra short and extra long. Try out the newest curvy fits and learn more on the blog