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Women's Loungewear & PJs

Women’s Loungewear, PJs & Comfy Clothes
No matter what your day looks like, we can all agree that loungewear and comfy clothes are a must-have this time of year. Easily level up your hanging out and lounging around time with new pajamas, comfy clothes, and loungewear from AE. Women’s lounge pants, soft shirts & tops, and comfy shorts are made for your most relaxed and cozy days, making them an instant classic whether you’re heading out the door to run errands, or are hopping on a call for work or class.

Oversized hoodies and sweatshirts are there for you with a comfy fit and relaxed vibe every day of the week. Other loungewear shirts and tops like comfy sweaters, lounge t-shirts, soft tank tops, and cropped camis make sure you never run out of cozy comfort when the day calls for it. Plus, with tons of options for color and fabric, you’ll have choices for your next chill day. Feel good in ribbed camis, fleece hoodies, lightweight sweatshirts, and cotton blend t-shirts, and mix and match them with lounge pants and women’s joggers & sweatpants for 100% comfort.

What's better than a comfy pair of joggers to go with your pajama tops? Not much. Women's joggers made from lightweight, soft fleece fabrics create that just-right feeling for lounging around the house or hanging with friends. High-waisted leggings or bike shorts go with your oversized comfy tops, and feel good whether you’re spending Sunday morning on the couch or going for a walk with the fam. With tons of comfy shorts and pants options like fleece shorts, bike shorts, lounge joggers, and women’s soft pants, you’ll find your new faves in no time.

Comfy clothes help you look good and feel good no matter what you’re into, and no matter what your day brings. Not leaving your bed? Throw on some comfy pants and a tank and you’re set. Running errands? Leggings and sweatshirts allllll day. AE women’s loungewear is all things comfy-cozy, with no shortage of style. Find comfy joggers, soft pants, oversized t-shirts, and cozy shorts for your next lounge-y, chill day.