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Women's Soft Pants

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Soft Pants: Palazzo Pants, Tapered Pants & Culottes
Swap out your jeans or joggers for a day and go for a bold style with American Eagle soft pants! Our soft pants come lightweight cotton, Tencel, and linen fabrics to create an easy, breezy look and feel that’s flawless for all your spring and summer outfits. And with all kinds of fits to choose from, you’ll always have plenty of options to create the outfit you want. Tapered pants offer a stylish take on the tapered trend, while palazzo pants create that wide leg look you know and love. Culottes keep the wide leg theme going strong, but are a shorter cut. And no matter which pant fit is your favorite, we make them all with the best fabrics & details so you feel good and love your look daily.

Tapered pants can come with a strong tapering design like the jogger pant, or have a subtler design with a slight taper from the knee down. Tapered jogger pants create a slimming look you’ll love at all times, and since they’re made with comfortable fabrics and details, they’ll feel as good as they look. Paperbag waist designs elevate your look with an iconic style, and high-waisted designs feel good always. Wear your tapered pants with a fitted tee or crop top for a look you’ll feel good about on your next date night or at your favorite coffee shop. Plus, some tapered pants also have matching tops you can mix & match your style as much or as little as you want.

If you’re big into the wide leg fit, our culottes and palazzo pants are going to take your world by storm. They’re made with the wide leg design you know and love, and come in different lengths so you always have the one you want. These wide leg trousers might differ in length (culottes are shorter and palazzo pants are full length), but they’re both packed with the same style levels you’d want from a lightweight, comfortable pair of linen pants. The wide leg pants look feels good with just about any top you can think of – but we love them with crop tops and matching printed tops for a look that stands out when it’s time to head to class, work or out with the girls.

Create all your best spring and summer outfits with soft pants from American Eagle. Whether you’re into a boho-inspired style with bold prints or just soft, light features, these women's pants have got it all covered and then some. Pick from all the high-waisted fits you love, and make your easy, breezy looks effortlessly. Browse the full line of women's shirts & tops to find the right crop top, blouse, graphic tee, button up shirt & more to make the outfit you want, when you want.