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Women's Shoes

The answer to the question, "When do you know you have too many shoes?" is, of course, never. Shoes are the foundation for women's outfits that you build carefully, from the ground up, for your day-to-day life as well as special events. American Eagle Outfitters always presents a dazzling array of this women's wardrobe staple so that no matter what's happening in the world of footwear, you're always up to date.

Every woman needs a favorite pair of boots. Leather boots that wear in so perfectly that you feel you could even don them without socks are as welcoming as a pair of warm slippers. Sometimes, you have to go for practical, like a fleece- or wool-lined snow boot that keeps your feet cozy when the weather turns on you and you have a long walk to the subway or class. Often, though, it's just the immaculate styling of an on-trend ankle boot or mid-calf lace-up boot that calls to you because you know that you'll wear it forever.

The perfect pair of women's flats can define your day-to-day look season after season. Ballet flats are timeless and wearable women's shoes for daily activities, even when that's just a quick hang at a friend's. Rubber outsoles and padded insoles keep you comfortable when you're walking or standing all day. Speaking of walking, it may be time for a new pair of sneakers. Look for on-trend street styles, with comfortable touches like platform rubber soles, as well as colorful fashion sneakers for long days and active nights.

When summer and spring roll around, it's time to show off your pedicure with your latest sandals. If you're a girl who likes sandals of the platform variety, or you need a flat pair in super-soft leather for a hazy, lazy, sunny afternoon, you'll always find plenty of options here. A pair of flip-flops are crucial for quick trips to the beach or an afternoon by the pool.

Shop with confidence, knowing that however many pairs of women's shoes adorn your closet, it's never too many. There's no such thing as a "shoe problem." It's just your irrepressible passion for style.