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Women's High-Waisted Shorts


There’s just something about the high-waisted look that we can’t get enough of. It’s super flattering on all kinds of body types and just feels good when it’s time to dress for your day starting with some high-waisted shorts. Our women's high-waisted shorts are designed to fit every body shape and size in ultra-comfortable denim, cotton blends, soft linen fabrics & a lot more. There's a reason this effortlessly cool silhouette is so in-demand: it's versatile, satisfying and so incredibly wearable. Denim high-waisted shorts are such an easy spring and summer style, while linen shorts dress up your warm-weather look. High-waisted fleece shorts keep comfort levels high, and nylon shorts keep your athletic look on point.

Having trouble finding the perfect shorts to wear with that cute women's top? High-waisted is the way to go for every kind of spring or summer outfit you can think of. Throw a pair on with a bikini or over your one piece swimsuit for an effortlessly cool beach day look. Denim high-waisted shorts come with all kinds of details to elevate your look. Frayed hems, sailor button details, rips, tears, mending, & multiple wash colors create your ideal style every time you start your day the high-waisted way. Soft shorts on the other hand take your casual look up a few levels for a style that’s ready for a quiet date lunch or a night out.

High-waisted shorts come in all kinds of styles so you can always find the right one for you. Looking for the ultimate "booty" shorts? Try our high-waisted short shorts for a look that shows a lot of leg. If you prefer a Bermuda style for more leg coverage, we’ve got those too! Our high-waisted midi short is the perfect in-between length that hits right at the mid-thigh. Keep it tight in figure-hugging stretch denim, or try a looser, laid-back style like our high-waisted Tomgirl short or the instant classic Mom short. Destroyed details and faded denim give them a chill, vintage vibe, but we also have the deep rinsed denim washes you love if you’re all about breaking them in on your own.

AE has been making America’s favorite jeans for over four decades, and our shorts live up to the same standard of fit, comfort, and style. Find the women’s high-waisted shorts you’ve been looking for and love your spring and summer style. Complete your look the American Eagle way with all kinds of women’s accessories, too! Hats, hairs accessories, sunglasses and bags put the finishing touches on your ideal high-waisted shorts outfit so you can make the look exactly what you want it to be.