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Fast, easy perks. That’s what makes them REAL.

Rewards from $100 MXN
2x points on jeans*
Aerie Days Extra shopping love, just for Aerie Real Rewards members. We'll let you know about Aerie-exclusive events like 2x points, freebies, extra saves & more!
Members-only sales & events
Shipping perks & free returns*
HBD! $100 reward
Program Details Modal Background
Program Details Modal Background
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Get even more with the app.

Easy access, app-exclusive offers & more? Talk about an instant upgrade.

Real Rewards by American Eagle & Aerie

Earn exclusive perks with Real Rewards, the new rewards program from American Eagle & Aerie. Join today and earn fast, easy rewards by shopping your favorite AE and Aerie products!

Earn fast, easy $100 rewards, 2x points on jeans, Aerie Days, and more! We make it easy - just shop, close your loop, and get rewarded.