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Men's Underwear

Boxer Shorts A staple for the guy who likes a little more room. Boxer Shorts
Pocket Boxer Shorts Added pockets for full lounge-mode. Lounge Boxer Shorts
6" Boxer Briefs Best Seller Our best-selling, everyday go-to fit. 6" Boxer Briefs
9" Boxer Briefs Full coverage for maximum performance. 9" Boxer Briefs
4.5" Boxer Briefs The everyday go-to in a shorter inseam. 4.5" Boxer Briefs
3" Boxer Briefs Our trimmest trunk with max comfort. 3" Trunks
Briefs A soft, supportive, no-show fit. Briefs
Everything On Sale The Trend Event Featuring 25% Off All Online-Only Styles
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Everything On Sale The Trend Event Featuring 25% Off All Online-Only Styles
Exclusions apply. Details

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boxer shorts
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Men's Underwear: Boxers, Briefs, and Trunk Underwear
Choose comfort where it counts with men's underwear from American Eagle. We make different styles of boxer shorts, boxer briefs, briefs, and trunk underwear so you have exactly what you need to start your day the right way. Choose new men's underwear made with contoured pouches, button fly designs, stretch waistbands, and even more great features made so you feel great all day, every day.

Keep things cool and laid-back with boxer shorts made with a relaxed, classic fit. American Eagle boxers come in cool cotton, active Flex material, ultra soft modal, super soft flannel, crisp poplin, and more so you have the best feeling possible every time you wear them. Boxer shorts are made with a classic 4" inseam and come in tons of different colors, prints, and multi-packs so you can find the right fit for your active day, your chill day, your work day, and pretty much any kind of day.

Briefs and boxer briefs are a great choice if you’re into that tighter fit that keeps you feeling secure no matter what you're up to. Classic briefs are a tried-and-true style, offering no leg coverage and a close fit that feels good under your AE skinny jeans, joggers, and shorts. Boxer briefs come in 4.5", 6”, and 9” inseam lenghts so you have the exact-right amount of leg coverage you want. Get boxer briefs with a horizontal fly, comfy waistband, and other must-have features.

American Eagle trunk underwear is another safe bet when it comes to picking out your next favorite fit. Trunk underwear comes in a shorter 3” inseam design for a tight, close fit if that’s your thing. Plus, since AE men's underwear doesn't mess around when it comes to style, you can get festive and have fun with holiday patterns, cool plaids and stripes, bold colors, funny prints, and more. Choose multipack underwear for the next great gift, or give yourself a fresh pair of boxers in new prints and patterns. No matter what your day brings, be ready with new men's underwear from American Eagle.