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Sandals & Flip Flops


Clearance Women’s Shoes on Sale

What’s better than a new pair of shoes? Getting a new pair of shoes on sale of course! Clearance shoes are ideal for any situation, whether you need them or not! A new pair of shoes can brighten your day and put a new spin on all your favorite outfits, too. And when you get them at a discount price, that makes it even better. Getting a new pair of shoes at a discount price just feels good – so try out some new styles today!

Try out a different style or a new trend with clearance shoes. Since you’re not paying full price, go crazy with a new look and experiment with new trends. American Eagle shoes on sale are all about dabbling – dabble in a new design like a pair of slide sandals with ruffles you normally wouldn’t try, or like a pair of sneakers in a bright, bold color you’d usually shy away from. With discount shoes, you can try any style, any time. And you never know, you just might find your new favorite pair.

Plan ahead for the next rainy day or vacation with clearance shoes on sale at American Eagle. No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered with your favorite footwear styles at a lower price. Sandals and flip flops on sale make sure you’re always ready for a beach vaca even if it’s out of season, and heels and wedges never go out of style. Flats, mules, and espadrilles on sale brighten up your casual, cool outfits, and sneakers are the ultimate everyday shoe. Discount boots are there for all those rainy, snowy days, and sale slippers keep you cozy at a great price always.

Wear your clearance shoes every day of the week and feel good about your money-saving prowess. And when you wear them with other American Eagle clearance styles like jeans on sale and discount shirts, you’ll get great deals on your favorite styles from AE.