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Scrunchies & Hair Ties
Put the finishing touches on your outfit of the day with scrunchies and hair ties from American Eagle! These last-minute pieces are essential for your next on-the-go day. Not sure what to do with your hair? Put it up with a floral scrunchie for a touch of color. Trying to keep your hair out of your face when you’re busy? A scarf scrunchie has got you covered with fun prints and patterns that can coordinate with your outfit. Essentially what we’re saying is, there’s a hair scrunchie for every kind of day.


Hair accessories solve all kinds of problems. Like if you’re not sure what to wear, these can help pull an outfit together. Or if you reallllly need to focus and keep your hair tamed during a busy day, these have got you covered. Headbands and hair wraps are another kind of accessory that can make your day easier, and hair clips are a must-have when you’re on the move and want to keep your bangs at bay. AE hair accessories come in tons of different colors and styles so you always have a look you love!

Need more accessories to make your life a little easier? We recommend checking out the women's accessories line, full of must-haves like scrunchies, socks in tons of fits (we’re talkin’ ankle, no show, crew, and more), hats made for making a statement and keeping the sun away, bags for storing your essentials, and kimonos for adding coverage when you want.

Not sure which accessories would be right for your day? No worries! You can mix and match your accessories with every kind of outfit, whether it’s a jeans and graphic tee kind of day or you’re dressing up with a new dress, romper, or jumpsuit for your next event. Either way, you can make your outfit a little more “you” with tons of outfit completing accessories from American Eagle.