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Women's Jeggings & Skinny Jeans

low rise jeggings
Alia is 5'10" and wearing the Super Low-Rise Jegging in size 2 Long.
low rise jeggings
Ingrid is 5'10" and wearing the Low-Rise Jegging in a size 14 Long.
high-waisted jeggings
Chanel is 5'9" and wearing the High-Waisted Jegging in a size 8 Long.
super high-waisted jeggings
Christina is 5'8" and wearing the Super High-Waisted Jegging in a size 4.
curvy jeggings
Tatiana is 5'9" and wearing the Curvy High-Waisted Jegging in a size 12 Long.
90s skinny jeans
Riley is 5'9" and wearing the '90s Skinny Jean in a size 2 Long.
skinny jeans
Chanel is 5'9" and wearing the Skinny Jean in a size 8 Long.
Jeggings & Skinny Jeans for Women
There's nothing better than a great pair of jeggings or skinny jeans! American Eagle women's jeggings offer a comfy fit, come in tons of different options for rises and lengths, and are made in super soft stretch fabrics. Jeggings range from the OG low-rise jegging to the highest waist jegging, and come in cropped and full-length styles, while skinny jeans come in your classic tight fit throughout or with a "kick" leg opening. Women's high-waisted jeans offer a comfy fit and feel, and cropped jeans are just-right for warmer weather.

The original jegging fit uses a low-rise fit that sits low on the waist, a slim fit through the thigh, and a close-fitting feel throughout for an iconic look and feel. If you're not into the low-rise life, go for a higher rise with high-waisted jeggings, or try Curvy jeggings if you want a little more room at the hip and thigh. Women's skinny jeans are all about a classic fit, so try them in a low or high rise, and with or without a mini "kick" leg opening for our slimmest bootcut jean ever. AE jeggings and skinny jeans come in different rises, lengths, and fits so you can have the one that's right for you! 

American Eagle women's jeans use rigid and stretchy fabrics so you have the feel you want, always. Super Stretch fabric balances structure and stretch so you have a fit that never loses its shape, and Ne(X)t Level Stretch jeans kick things up a level with our most innovative stretch technology. Dream Jeans and Lu(x)e jeans add even more comfy stretch for that just-right feeling. Different color washes bring character to your denim, and since we make everything from super light wash jeans to ultra-dark wash jeans, you’ll never run out color options. 

Wear your jeggings and skinny jeans with the comfiest women’s shirts like oversized hoodies and sweatshirts, or go for a laid-back style with t-shirts and graphic tees or flannels. With all kinds of options to wear with it, you can always make the jegging look yours every day and feel good about it. Shop the full line of American Eagle women’s jeans to find fits ranging from the jegging to the skinny jean and flare jean, and from the Mom jean to cropped jeans and '90s jeans. Shop for your favorite jeans in an inclusive sizes and in varying lengths like extra short and extra long to find the one that's right for you!