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Women's Perfume & Fragrances
Make the day yours with women's perfumes and fragrances from American Eagle. Find your signature scent options from our Aura, All You, and Be True lines, made in different sizing options so you're already ready to stay fresh no matter where your day takes you. Feel confident with a new go-to perfume, complete with fresh hits of floral scents, darker, muskier notes. and warm amber options that feel good from morning to night. Choose perfume that matches your mood, outfit, and day with a little help from American Eagle. Plus, perfumes & fragrance sprays make a great gift for the girl in your life.

AEO Aura perfume keeps things light and delicate with a balance of floral and musk tones, using scent notes like crisp apple, peony, gardenia, and warm amber, while Be True gives a playful scent with a fun mix of fresh florals, creamy almond, and cashmeran musk. Want something a little more exclusive? AEO All You perfume serves up a refreshing blend of pomelo, sea salt, and cashmere wood in one limited edition package. No matter which scent is calling you, you can feel good about your pick of the day. Plus with all the accessories & socks you can think of, you'll be set with every outfit-finisher possible.