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cropped image of women's distressed denim mom shorts
Gabbie is 5'6" and wearing the Easy Shortie in a size 2.
Our #1 Best-Selling Fit Try Mom Shorts & discover why.
Rigid in the front. Stretchy in the back. Magic all over.
Mom Shorts for Women
Love the fit and feel of our Mom jeans and pants? We've got some REALLY good news. You can get the same style without the full length from AE Mom shorts. They come in Curvy and Classic styles with all the best details so you can have the look and fit you want.. Plus, with tons of choices for fabric and color, you've got options when it comes to this throwback-inspired short. Need more proof that she knows best?


The Mom short is all about comfort where it counts, and adding a '90s-inspired look to your outfit of the day. Classic Mom shorts sit straight across the waist for a comfy, relaxed fit, making them an easy go-to pick for all your summer plans. Pair relaxed Mom shorts with a crop top for full summertime vibes, or layer up by wearing them with a cami and button-up shirt for a buttoned up look. Curvy Mom shorts offer the same classic style, but are designed for curves with more room at the hip and thigh. No matter which fit is your fave, you can alway find the one that feels best at American Eagle.

Our women’s shorts come in tons of different fabrics, ranging from soft denim to lightweight linen, classic corduroy to stretch twill. The OG Mom short is no different, so you can have all the throwback vibes with your fave fabrics, too. Choose Mom jean shorts (A.K.A. jorts) made with comfy stretch denim, or go all-in on the authentic denim look with rigid cotton that doesn't stretch at all. Linen shorts keep things light in spring and summer, and corduroy shorts are all about layering in the fall. Choose from prints like plaid and camo, or stick with classic denim washes that range from super light to super dark to create a look that's all you.

American Eagle women's shorts and skirts keep your look fresh all summer long! Choose from denim shorts in fits like baggy and Boyfriend, or go for a classic look with khaki shorts in varying lengths (from short short to longer length Bermuda). Keep your look light this summer with soft shorts made from lightweight fleece and linen, or go for the athletic-inspired trend in bike shorts. Mix and match your new shorts with your fave women’s shirts & tops for a look that's just your style. Whatever your shorts vibe is, there's something for everyone at American Eagle.