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Fast forward to $5 rewards with a Real Rewards credit card.
Fast forward to $5 rewards with a Real Rewards credit card.
20% off* your first purchase.
2x points
Earn 2x points on everything, every day.*
Free shipping + returns, always.*
*Excludes gift cards. See details below.
You'll upgrade instantly to Level 2 of
You'll upgrade instantly to Level 2 of
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
How to qualify Free! Instant for cardmembers Spend $350/year
Points per $1 spent* 10 points 15 points 20 points
Close your loop to unlock a $5 reward 1,250 points 1,250 points 1,250 points
2x points on jeans*
Aerie Days Extra shopping love, just for Aerie Real Rewards members. We'll let you know about Aerie-exclusive events like 2x points, freebies, extra saves & more!
Members-only sales & events Good Better Best
$5 Birthday Reward
Extra perks just for Real Rewards credit cardmembers:
20% off your first purchase* Real Rewards cardmembers upgrade instantly to Level 2!
2x points on everything, every day*(That means 4x points on jeans!)
Pick Your Own Sale Day* Choose when you wanna save more. Get a coupon for an extra 20% off 1x a year.
Free shipping & returns always*
Exclusive cardmember sales
Earn 5 points per $1 where Visa credit cards are accepted*
*See details below
Ready to get rewarded?

*Cardmember offers are subject to credit approval and a Real Rewards credit card must be used as the sole payment type. See Real Rewards Terms & Conditions for details.

20% Off: Take 20% off your first AE or Aerie purchase when you open and use your Real Rewards credit card. No coupon required in store. Discount code for online will be provided upon credit approval. Discount applied prior to sales tax and shipping & handling. Cannot be combined with any other coupon or discount code. Not valid for 3rd party merchandise, previously purchased merchandise or gift cards. Valid in US (including PR) stores only. No cash value.