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Crossover & More: Crossover, V-Back, Ruched Details and More

The people have spoken and everyone is loving Crossover Leggings! We listened to what you loved most and added even cuter and more flattering details that we know you’d love! These shorts and leggings are EVERYTHING – introducing our double crossover (aka v-back leggings), ruched and cutout details and so much more. There’s no wrong answer here, these shorts, skirts and leggings are here to stay.

Let’s talk about the fabrics. Our real me and real me Xtra fabric feels like the real you with soft support with a weightless touch. The flattering waistbands that hits EVERY BODY in the right spots are just the cherry on top, to make YOU feel good. FYI! This fabric is fast drying too, and ready to be your next favorite pair of ever day leggings.

Going for a matching set vibe? Be sure to check out all of our sports bras made in the Real Me fabric. Made with you in mind, this buttery-soft fabric has the perfect amount of stretch with medium support, made for everyday activities.