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Underwear 6 for $30

Undies Deals

Fill your undie drawer with love. Our 6 for $30 underwear deal is the way to do it. Mix and match your fave fits, fabrics & styles for a bright and pretty drawer that’s as unique as you are.

It’s O.K. to buy six of the same fits, but there are so many fits to choose & try out! If you tend wear a more covered fit like the boybrief you might like to try out a more cheeky fit! EVERY booty can rock a cheeky undie. Cheekies still have the low rise design you know and love, but show a little more booty. Amaze for leggings! Thongs, bikinis, boyshorts & boybriefs are all amaze options.

Fill your undie drawer with seasonal laces, soft fabrics & cute designs like ruching & pretty  bows! Booty graphics, binding, cut outs & prints all add amazing deets to your collection. Real Me Undies are “tattooed” with love & shine undies are silk smooth and flirtie. Sneak in some No Show undies because they’re MADE for leggings.

Once you’ve filled your panty drawer, check out our amaze bras & bralettes! Mix and match for perf pairs as unique as you are. Feeling dreamy? Check out our sleepwear!