Get to know the REAL Jess, a sweet-toothed freckle face & one of the newest faces of #AerieREAL!


What makes you #AerieREAL?

My sense of humor. My dad would always tell me that if I did nothing but make someone laugh, then it was a good day because I was spreading happiness.

Lover or fighter?

I fight for what I love, and then I’m pretty mellow with everything else.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Probably candy. I’m one of those people who will go to the store and come home with three bags full of candy and not-very-good-for-me food and then eat it all!


What are you currently listening to?

Everything from Aerosmith to Skrillex. I really like old school rock.

 Breakfast in bed or dinner out?

Breakfast in bed. There’s something that’s so special about doing something in bed that the bed was not meant for!

What do you read?

I am mostly one of those romance novel type people, but I started reading this book called The Art of Asking. It’s really about how this woman came to being able to ask people for things when she was so scared to ask for things and be comfortable. Life is about asking and giving.

What makes you really laugh?

Louis C.K. He is absolutely hilarious, and I love his very straightforward sense of humor. And also he grew up in Boston, so it’s Massachusetts represent!

Favorite thing about spring?

The rebirth that all of the plants go through. And then the chirping of the birds, and all the baby animals. I just love that feeling of going outside and smelling fresh air after the winter.


How did you feel when you found out you wouldn’t be retouched?

I was actually really excited. I, of course, was nervous about being judged, but being someone who has struggled a lot with body image, I think the whole campaign is very empowering.

What body positive message do you want to share with other girls?

Your flaws are what make you unique. There’s only one of you in the world, so why try to change yourself to conform to something else?

 What’s one thing the world needs more of?

Acceptance. I think right now, a lot of people need that and can relate to that.


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