These California dreamers were meant to be. Read about the REAL love story of #AerieREAL girl, Ally Walsh, and her drummer/writer boyfriend, Casey Wojtalewicz!

How did you meet?

Casey: I was working on a project with a mutual friend, Carla, at her house. Carla was going to an event that night with a couple friends, but I wasn’t interested in going. Right as I was about to leave, the doorbell rang. Carla got up to get the door and said, “Oh—that’s my friend Ally. By the way, Casey, you’re going to fall in LOVE with her.” At the time, I don’t think either of us were looking for a relationship. But something definitely shifted in me when she walked in the room. Suddenly, I decided I was interested in going to the event… and sitting next to Ally during it… and then going out to eat afterwards. That’s how it all started.

What do YOU love about YOU?

Ally: I love that I’m curious. That I love to travel, explore and learn about different cultures and food. I love that I’m passionate about health and nutrition. I love that I’m reliable and can always be there for my friends and family.

Casey: I love that I can brighten people’s day, that I strive to be authentic and true in everything that I do. I love that I’ve had the courage to follow my dreams. I love that I have a travel itch, that I ended up in LA and that I have music and poetry as creative outlets.

A REAL Love Story: Ally & Casey

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What do you love about each other?

Ally: I love how helpful and kind Casey is. Whether it’s someone he knows or just met. He’s the nicest person I’ve ever met, in my life. I can always rely and count on him, no matter what. I love that he loves to travel, wake up early, make coffee, and go on road trips. And that we can listen to our favorite 90s hip hop and oldies songs together!

Casey: I love how confident Ally is. She’s just comfortable in her skin, and doesn’t fret the little things. I remember when we met how I was struck by her genuine curiosity and kindness. She treats everyone so nicely and is such a great listener—I think that’s really why everyone falls in love with her! I love that she’s a bookworm, a cuddler, and a traveler. I love that she’s so healthy. She’s definitely made me a healthier person, and shown me how to make some delicious food in the process. I love how crazy she is about sweet potatoes… And how she’s addicted to dried mango (she told me I can’t bring it home anymore).

How do you celebrate V-Day?

Casey: Honestly, between travel for Ally’s work and my tours, we haven’t been together on Valentine’s Day since when we met, three years ago! So just being together will be cause for celebration! We’ll probably get outside—go on a hike, get breakfast in Topanga Canyon. Relax at home with our books, watch the sunset on the beach, and make a nice dinner.

Boys can be #AerieREAL too! What makes you #AerieREAL, Casey?

I love my body the way it is—scoliosis and all! I don’t place my confidence or self-image in striving to “look better,” or get bigger and stronger. I love being healthy and active, and my appearance is a result of that.

Thank you, Ally & Casey!



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