We’ve updated this collection! Learn more about our OFFLINE™ by Aerie pieces here.

Some girls sweat and others keep it cool. That’s why we made a collection that works for every body. Forget the makeup. It’s all about you, girl. Namaste.

Our collection features all-new sports bras and leggings made for every body and any activity:

CHILL. Made for every day and everywhere. Comfort never looked cooler.

Chill. Play. Move. Aerie Collection

 PLAY. Super soft and cozy to take you from coffee to class, as well as let you Namaste-all-day!

Chill. Play. Move. Aerie Collection

MOVE. Medium to high impact support to help keep you dry while you do werk!

Chill. Play. Move. Aerie Collection

The #AerieREAL girls in our campaign images are 100% unretouched as always, and this time it’s all about no makeup, no problem! The girls were photographed at their most #AerieREAL: makeup-free in their personal spaces, from apartments to neighborhood coffee shops to fave yoga studios.

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  1. Patricia Trogstad

    Chill play move leggings. I cannot find any. Help

    1. Aerie

      Our Chill Play Move is now OFFLINE! You can shop it now at aerie.com.

  2. Adrienne Li

    Hi you used to carry chill.play move made in guatamala leggings. I bought 5 pairs like 3 years ago. I told my entire office and colleafues about then and they all ordered a few pairs and so did all my friends.

    The fabric was thicker and holds you in and also washed extremely well. I have had this legging for over 3 years many washes. Then you guys discontinued them and the fabric was never the same.

    Since then ive bought the offline brand at least 3 or 4 more pairs but its not the same quality or thickness or wash quality.
    Not sure if the fact that the pairs were made few years ago were made in guatemala that made it much better than your made in vietnam collections…but they were sooo much better quality and thickness. I wonder if you could no longer get the thicker material.

    Super disapointed that the offline replaced them because they are not the same as much as you tell us they are.

    Wish you would bring that back the old school
    Style: 1701-4003
    Color: True Black

    What happened to them ?

    1. Sydney M

      I have also been wondering why they were discontinued. The Offline is definitely NOT the same fabric. Not as comfortable. They are not the same pants no matter how much you insist. Please bring them back!

      1. Megan

        Agree!!!! I live in these leggings! I don’t like the new ones. 🙁

        1. carol

          bring back chill play move in larger sizes I bought them a few years ago but can't find them now!!

          1. M F

            I was wondering the same thing!!! I’ve only bought two pairs a few years back and wish I bought more if I had known they would discontinue them. They were the BEST leggings I’ve ever owned thus far. Nothing tops it. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!!!😩

    2. Amber

      I agree I really want the old leggings back. So much better than the new cotton legging

      1. Summer

        I agree bring them back my pair just completely wore through and I had to toss them I want a new pair

  3. kim

    yeah bring them back the same LOVED THEM

  4. CeeCee

    Begging that you please bring these leggings back. They’re the best leggings I’ve ever owned. And what you replaced them with definitely doesn’t compare!

  5. Ivette

    Please find new supplier with the same fabric tho 😵‍💫

  6. Grace

    Yes please bring back the old Move leggings! They were the only leggings I wore and the new line does not compare !

  7. Tina legg

    Been in search myself…. none of the others are the sane material at all!!! Please bring them back🙏

  8. Athena

    I purchased aerie chill play move sports bra with adjustable straps 90% cotton a while back at american eagle. I'm a 40dd and I swear by these bras. I have never worn a push up or wired bra since. They are amazing. I can't find them anymore. They came in sm med lrg xlrg and xxlrg. Colors available were black, gray, burgundy and off white/lightbeige. Also looked on aerie website but no where to be found. These bras were a game changer for me. Super affordable and seriously a major bang for the price. If you have an idea which one I am talking about, are they discontinued?

    1. Ange

      I also only wear these. I will never put on a regular bra again. I really wish they would bring these back, they are the only bras I can wear.

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