Chill. Play. Move.™ is made for your REAL life. From bed to brunch to barre, these leggings are up for anything. See how Iskra wears her Chill. Play. Move. faves!
In 4 fabrics (and 1 more coming soon!), these leggings can do anything. Get to know the entire collection here! CHILL. Feel Comfy fabric: everyday stretch cotton for everyday wear. PLAY. Feel Cozy fabric: super soft with light support and a brushed touch. Wear from coffee to class! MOVE. In 2 fabrics! Feel Cool: medium support with a smooth touch for your next sweat sesh. Feel Empowered: medium support with a cozy touch when you’re ready to do werk! Chill. Play. Move. In Motion! What’s your fave piece from our Chill. Play. Move.™ collection? Comment below & tell us!

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  1. Jady

    Will you be getting in chill play move cotton blend leggings with front pockets. I bought a pair and wish I bought a lot more

    1. Aerie

      Hi Jady, while we no longer carry our Chill. Play. Move. collection, we think you’ll love our new OFFLINE by Aerie athleisure!

      1. Michelle Brooks

        Do they have the same soft waist band that doesn’t cut us in half?

      2. Christine

        *Please bring back CHILL PLAY MOVE leggings 🙏❤️

  2. Tracy

    I am still wearing my Chill Play Move leggings from 3 years ago! I have tried the OFFLINE Leggings and they are just not the same. The fabric isn't as soft/smooth and they don't hold everything in as well. Do you know what the material of the Chill Play Move leggings is/was?

    1. Aerie

      Hi Tracy! We have similar fabric based on what you are looking for. The Hugger and Goals fabric have high support if that is what you are looking for!

      1. Alexa

        Hi I love the chill play move leggings and I know that you all have a lot of other thing you could be doing but, I have a sensitivity tissue which means it is almost impossible to find new clothing that I like the feel of and that don’t drive me crazy. I have realized that your chill play move leggings are the only ones that feel good on my legs. I know that you may think that is not a big deal that a little of the fabric is different but it is to me. I personally hate shopping for leggings. I have tried all of the other leggings but they are still nothing like the chill play move leggings. I know this is a lot to ask for but would you ever consider making them again? I know many people would love them and they would sell out so quick. I really appreciate you reading this and I hope you can see where I am coming from.

        1. Dayna

          They seem to have a lot on Poshmark. I just posted a pair!

          1. Taime

            I cannot believe I found your post. I feel the exact same way about chill play move fabric on the leggings.
            They are the only workout pants I can wear. I can’t even tell you how old mine are. So old I don’t remember. They had holes in them that I have sewn I wear them to an upscale gym where I am not even embarrassed
            at the sewn condition because of the only ones I can wear

            So I also want to know what is this fabric!?!
            Tonight was the first time I thought to look for them on Poshmark I am happy to find some. !

  3. Liz

    Why would Arie discontinue the chill, play move leggings when they were so popular? I ordered 2 pair of leggings for my daughter that I thought would be similar. They just aren't the same and she doesn't like them. I'll be returning them. Please bring the favorites back!

  4. Annie mouse

    Agreed. Please bring back the old fabric. I hate the unnatural, poly feel of the new leggings. They don’t breathe. They aren’t comfortable. And they fit weird.

  5. Connie

    Totally agree with Annie mouse! Bring back to old cotton blend fabric. The fit is much better than the polyester blend; they're just not the same. I will be returning the 6 pairs I bought thinking they were the comfy cotton blend.

  6. Nancy Antonutti

    Chill Play Move were the BEST leggings & nothing you carry now is even close to the material & comfort. Any chance these will come back?

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