New Chill. Play. Move.™ Leggings. New City Sweatshirts. City style: done & done. Read on for a whole WEEK of off-duty looks. Stylist-approved for city girls & any girls! Stylist’s Picks: City Style Stylist’s Picks: City Style ALL THE INFO When you’re out and about in a big city, the possibilities are endless. These 7 looks are ready for anything your day throws at you, every day of the week. You owe it to your new Chill. Play. Move.™ Leggings to show them off! With bows, prints, stripes and mesh, our latest collection gives you options for a new look every day of the week. Stylist’s Picks: City Style WHY ERIN LOVES IT If you run into Erin at an airport, there’s a good chance you’ll find her in her go-to travel look: leggings, a City Sweatshirt and a baseball cap. So much of our collection is made for wearing in, but Erin loves these looks for showing off your Aerie faves outside. Stylist’s Picks: City Style HOW TO WEAR IT City style is any style, and you can do it any day of the week. If you thought your Chill. Play. Move.™ Leggings were just for working out, think again! Wear these looks to school, to coffee, to yoga and beyond. Leggings = life! Stylist’s Picks: City Style Stylist’s Picks: City Style What is your fave city style trend? Comment below & tell us! Stylist’s Picks: City Style

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