Meet some of our new #AerieREAL Ambassadors! These girls are college students across the country who will be sharing the #AerieREAL love on their campuses all year long, from girls’ nights to body positivity events to shopping parties. We brought 10 of our 41 new ambassadors to our HQ for a full day of fun. Get to know these #AerieREAL girls below! #AerieREAL Brand Ambassadors   Erifili  Geosciences and Policy double major, Pennsylvania State University “My role model is conservationist, biologist, naturalist and author E.O. Wilson. He is a world-renowned biologist who engineered the landscape for conservation, but most importantly he coined the term and lifestyle of biophilia, the love of life and all living things.” Reilly Marketing major, University of Wisconsin-Madison What she loves most about herself? “My resilience! I’ve faced some major obstacles in life thus far, and I am so proud of myself for having the resilience to bounce back, turning a negative into a positive, and continuing to grow with each and every experience!”
#AerieREAL Brand Ambassadors
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Amanda Applied Kinesiology major, Rutgers University Quote she lives by? “The grass is greener where you water it.” Role models? “Emma Watson OR Stone. I can’t choose!” Alexis Textile Brand Management and Marketing major, North Carolina State University “I love my tenacity. College has shown me some truths about the world and myself. A lot of those things were hard to process, but I surprised myself with my strength. I think that all women are tested at one point or another and in these moments, we all have a decision to make: to get up, or to get up stronger.” Kaitlin Developmental Psychology major, University of Pittsburgh Daily mantra? “’Think positive and positive things will happen.’ Such a simple quote but has literally helped me become the most optimistic person.”
#AerieREAL Brand Ambassadors
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#AerieREAL Brand Ambassadors   Michelle Strategic Communications major, The Ohio State University Plans after college? “I would love to do social media marketing or fashion merchandising!” Nikita University of Connecticut “I am #AerieREAL because my strength is unwavering, because I am always growing and learning to love the things about myself that I once thought were flaws, and because I am unapologetically me.”
#AerieREAL Brand Ambassadors
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#AerieREAL Brand Ambassadors   Savanah Public Relations and French majors, Boston University “To me, #AerieREAL is about honesty. It’s about being true to who I am and the woman I hope to be. I’m #AerieREAL because I refuse to waste another minute pursuing someone else’s idea of happy. I’m living my happy.” Lidija Marketing major, University of Maryland Quote she lives by? “If you really want something, you don’t stop for anyone or anything until you get it.” — Blair Waldorf Role models? “Iskra Lawrence and Sophia Amoruso.” Jordan Graphic Communications major, Clemson University Can’t leave home without… “Headphones/earbuds, my wristlet (it has my ID and everything), and EXTRA spearmint gum.” What makes her #AerieREAL? “Living authentically and unapologetically ‘me.’  I’m not what society thinks is beautiful all the time, but I’m exactly who I’m supposed to be, and that’s what the Aerie girl represents.”
#AerieREAL Brand Ambassadors
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#AerieREAL Brand Ambassadors   To end the day, the girls all signed our #AerieREAL promise, a commitment to empowering all girls to feel good about their REAL selves, inside and out. Be sure to come meet our new ambassadors this year and help us share the #AerieREAL love! #AerieREAL Brand Ambassadors        

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  1. Jordan Hall

    Hi! I am Jordan Hall and I was curious on how to become an aerie ambassador because I did see the Instagram post where you were supposed to link a resume and write a bit about our self but I did and I don’t think my resume went through or something glitchy happened so no worries but for the future I am really interested in becoming an aerie representative becaue I love this brand and all the good it spreads about positive body images! Thank you so much for your time!

  2. Holly Eve

    I have been dreaming about becoming an Aerie Ambassador/Aerie Real Model for years. I love everything that your team represents. There’s more to life than trying to achieve a perfect body, because in reality that image does not exist. Your own body is unique in itself. No body is ‘ picutre perfect’, if that was true then our world would be pretty boring. Our imperfections make us more real – all natural and a more non edited life. If you can give me some insight on how to apply or submit I would appreciate it so much. Thank you!!


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  4. lauren durler

    Hi, my name is Lauren and I am a college student at the University of Delaware and my friends and I are very interested in joining the #aeriereal ambassadors!!

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