The higher the rise, the comfier the girl! High waisted undies feel like a hug any day you need it, and add a little more to your look any way you wear them. STYLIST’S PICKS: HIGH WAISTED UNDIES   ALL THE INFO Our high waisted undies are your #1 boybrief fit, plus a higher rise for more comfort. Stick with cotton for everyday wear, or shine with lace trim for a little something extra. STYLIST’S PICKS: HIGH WAISTED UNDIES STYLIST’S PICKS: HIGH WAISTED UNDIES   WHY ERIN LOVES IT Our stylist loves a good pair of high waisted jeans, and a high waisted undie is the softest layer to wear it with. STYLIST’S PICKS: HIGH WAISTED UNDIES Sp1_Instagram_17   HOW TO WEAR IT Dress season is right around the corner… wear high waisted undies underneath for extra comfort. Want to up your bedtime undie game? High waisted is the way to go! These undies are made for every part of your day. STYLIST’S PICKS: HIGH WAISTED UNDIES What is your fave way to style our new high waisted boybrief undies?  

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