Summertime is ALL about relaxation. You don’t need a vacay to get away—get a reminder to get your flow on with a pretty holder for your yoga mat! Zen up your meditation area with this cute shelf that doubles as a storage spot for your mat. DIY Yoga Mat Holder Here’s how:
  1. Start with a simple shelf that goes right onto the wall.
  2. Using a drill, make four holes in the shelf: two on one side and two on the other.
  3. Cut two equal lengths of rope, 20 inches each.DIY Yoga Mat HolderDIY Yoga Mat Holder
  4. Glue the ends of each strand to keep them from fraying.
  5. Thread the ropes through the top of the shelf, knotting at the ends.DIY Yoga Mat HolderDIY Yoga Mat Holder
  6. Hang your shelf in your go-to mediation spot.
  7. Top with plants, books or your an essential oil diffuser.
  8. Place your yoga mat through the hanging loops.
  9. Namaste!DIY Yoga Mat Holder
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  1. Maddie

    I made this and am really happy with it! I would add a few details to this post, though:

    1) I used smaller rope so I had 3 strings. I drilled a hold that was 3/8″ and it worked perfectly. Gluing the ends was key!
    2) I recommend you either score the wood before you drill (on both sides) or drill down from the top side of the shelf. I drilled from the bottom and the wood splintered so I had to flip my shelf upside down in the end.
    3) I needed WAY more than 20″ of rope! I ended up cutting rope that was 40″ long so that when I put it through the holes and tied it I could shorten to the right length. When I did 20″ at first I wasn’t even able to put my yoga mat through it!

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