When your sweatshirt is a dress, you’re all dressed up! Erin loves this style as the best 1stday back to school look. It’s stylish, it’s easy, and who has time to stress about what to wear anyways?! She loves a blanket scarf with anything, and this pretty purple plaid matches everything.

Stylist’s Picks: Fancy fleece

Stylist’s Picks: Fancy fleece

This Long Sleeve Fleece Dress has ALL the feels of your fave sweatshirts. All we did was make it a little longer so you can make your fleece a little fancier!

Stylist’s Picks: Fancy fleece

Did we mention it has pockets?! Coziest. Dress. Ever.

Stylist’s Picks: Fancy fleece

This fall’s new Wonder Lace is just that: wonderful. Matching sets can be great but Erin loves having a little more fun with the colors in this set. Match laces only and switch up the shades with your Wonder Lace Padded Bralette and matching Thong.



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  1. justaguywithafewquirks

    This combo looks amazingly comfortable and I had to laugh at that pop of color she included with those lace panties!

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