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If you know us, you know we talk a lot about #AerieREAL. It’s about power. It’s about positivity. It’s about no retouching. 

What we don’t always talk about is how to get there—how to reach a place where you truly feel good about yourself. 

#AerieREAL Life is for all that and more. 

This is a community for you. Use it however you want! Discover tools and tips for wherever you may be on your self-love journey. Meet amazing people who inspire us. See more of what goes into the Aerie styles you love. Find where you can connect with us IRL at events.  

This is #AerieREAL Life. We’re so happy you’re here. 


Your Aerie family


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  1. Alyssa Osborne-Sukalo

    Thank you for showing the world what real women are like. The way you empower the image of the female body is amazing. If you ever need a short model, don’t be afraid to ask. It was my dream to model but once you get older you realize the reality of the modeling world and the disadvantage of being ‘5,2”. I just want to thank you for making your modeling world and accepting and uplifting one.
    Alyssa Osborne-Sukalo

  2. hannah

    i saw a video of a girl who had sticky notes and were posting them on her mirror i love it. is there a way for me to do that too?

  3. Marla

    Aerie I LOVE YOU. You are showing people around the world what real women are like. I love you!! Thanks for being so awesome AERIE!

  4. Alatta Lawrence

    I love all your products. I’m happy that I can now look at all your beautiful products in store versus online only. I am able to look pretty and be comfortable at the same time. Women of all shapes and sizes are able to ensure your Thanks a million.

  5. Alexis M

    Thank you so much for being an inspiration to so many women, and showing that true beauty is being comfortable in your own skin. I have come to love the way I look due to your inspiring campaign to include every woman from all walks of life. I have wanted to model for so long and have never been presented with a promising opportunity due to the industry being so strict on weight and height requirements. You have given me the inspiration to go and work harder to pursue my dreams. I hope to one day become an Aerie model and take advantage of such an amazing opportunity to spread self-love and love for others everywhere.

  6. Paula

    Regarding the Arie Chill Seamless Bralette……love the ONE that I ordered and would love to buy many more but you DO NOT have the XXL size in any color and when I went onto site to chat and inquire I received absolutely no positive feedback or helpful information. Very disappointed as a NEW Customer and this type of experience

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