To celebrate Mother’s Day, we hosted an extra-special Real Talk in NYC with #AerieREAL Role Models Molly Burke, Brenna Huckaby, Jenna Kutcher… and their mamas! Find out what your role models were like when they were younger, when their moms knew they would do big things and the best advice their moms gave them.

Only have a few minutes? See some of our fave moments from the day.

“No matter what, it’s been my mom and I against the world.”

Molly Burke, YouTuber, Motivational Speaker & #AerieREAL Role Model

“My mom did a really good job of just letting us be us.”

Jenna Kutcher, Entrepreneur, Podcaster & #AerieREAL Role Model

“My mom taught me how to live in the moment and just be free.”

Brenna Huckaby, Paralympic Snowboarder & #AerieREAL Role Model


  1. Camilia Castillo

    My name is Camilia and I am 25 years old. I have been interested in possibly being an Aerie Real model for the past couple of years and am wondering if there are any openings??

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