They got it from their papas! To get ready for Father’s Day, we talked with some members of the Aerie team about the role their dads have had in their lives.

Adam, Manager of Data Science

Adam’s dad, Richard, is the definition of #AerieREAL.

My dad has been authentic and real from the earliest stories I have heard, even dating back to him as a kid. He’s never compromised who he is for any moment. His genuine character set the best example for me growing up as a kid. He comes from a long line of men (and women too, but since we are talking about Father’s day lol) who sacrificed everything they had for their kids. Each gentleman consistently put their loved one’s needs ahead of their own. I cant think of a better fatherly example of being real than my dad.

Adam told us that his dad is a role model to him because “He has always lived his life with integrity!!! Any time I meet someone who already knows my dad I seem to have immediate report (…that I don’t deserve 🙂 ). His hard work and empathy for all people he shares life with has opened my eyes to a better way of life! He truly gives everything he has to the people he loves. I’m not even just talking about the help paying for college and my first car, but also the time spent giving thoughtful advice, the comfort when I am going through hard times, and also the countless hours watching my kids while I take wifey (@ladymudrick) out to get away from my kids. He is an amazing example for so many reasons and primarily because he is the best dad…”

Adam is a father of four himself, so we asked him what his best Father’s Day memory is. “Simply the hugs, since my kids are so little I haven’t gotten the new car I asked for yet lol, but their hugs and snuggles will do for now. I prefer dance parties anyways and we have many of those. Chilling with my kiddos is what I live for so another day of that on Fathers day is what I want!”

Ryan, Director of Visual Production

Ryan’s dad, Ed, is his role model because of his strong work ethic and parenting style.

My Dad is my role model because when he sets his mind to something, he makes it happen. He grew up in an oppressed steel town near Detroit.  He was determined to provide more for his family than he had growing up, and struggled for several years to support our family. He worked a full time day job to advance in his career, went to school at night to get an education, all while supporting my mom, sister and me. He had a dream to really change our lives, and achieved everything he wanted for us. I am proud and so grateful to him for this.  

When it comes to parenting his two girls, Ryan thinks about his dad. “The best advice my dad ever gave me, is to not let anything get to me. He always says, ‘Let it go.’ And ‘Don’t let them get you down.’ These are his mantras. My dad is tough – nothing stands in the way of him or his happiness.

“My favorite Father’s Day memories are really any moment I get to spend with my two girls.  They are THE most incredible little people and teach me to smile, laugh, and not take myself too seriously.  They inspire me to be the best version of myself, because that’s what they deserve.”

Terry, Senior Director, Associate General Counsel

When we asked Terry what made (Big) Terry #AerieREAL, he told us: “By being authentic and letting those around him be authentic.  He made sure I never felt I needed to be anyone or anything but myself.”

Big Terry is a role model to Terry because “He taught me through his actions how to love and what it means to always be there for your family.”

Terry carries his father’s words of advice with him every day: “I am not a patient person by nature so in tough situations I always hear his voice saying ‘Take your time.'”

Andrew, Associate Art Director

Andrew didn’t hesitate to share exactly why his dad, Glenn, is his role model:”My Dad is my Role Model because he has been the perfect example for me my entire life. I have always had someone to aspire to be. He always taught me to work hard and be passionate about what I do. His kindness and generosity have also been engrained in who I am.”

For Andrew, the best advice his dad has ever given him doesn’t come in the form of words:

I don’t think that it is something he said but it is how he lives his life. Like I said before, he is forever young. He turned 60 this March and he plans to still play football on Thanksgiving. Up until the last Vans Warped Tour, he was there. He and I share a favorite band and have gone to see them countless times. The way he lives is definitely the best “advice” I have ever received from him. It is inspiration for me to live by and for me to pass down one day.

Now it’s your turn! We want to hear about your dads and why YOU are celebrating them this Father’s Day. Comment & share your story.

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