This season, we’re inspired by all the colors & sights of Morocco. Today, try a DIY for your house or apartment decor with a planter made from colorful tiles like the ones we saw in Morocco.

What you need

  • 5 tiles
  • Gorilla glue
  • Painters tape

What to do

  1. Hold one tile on its side and line an edge with glue.
  2. Attach a second tile on its side to the sticky side, making an “L” shape.
  3. Place two pieces of painters tape on the outer corner of the “L” to hold the two tiles together.
  4. Continue steps 2 and 3 until 4 tiles are glued and taped together into a cube shape.
  5. On the bottom of the cube, line all four tiles with glue.
  6. Place the 5th and final tile on the bottom, wet part of the tiles, and tape it to hold.
  7. Wait until the glue dries, then remove the tape.
  8. Add dirt and a plant!

Want to see more Moroccan-inspired DIYs? Check out our recipe for mint tea!

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