Feeling stressed by all the holiday madness? Take a break and take a breath with #AerieREAL Role Model, Entrepreneur & Podcaster, Jenna Kutcher, to get back to what really matters.

What you do to relax and decompress during the holidays?

For me, it’s all about finding calm moments for presence. It’s so easy to subscribe to the hustle and bustle of the holidays and as a business owner, it proves to be a busy time, so making sure to shut off the noise, disconnect, and just be present in the moment with my family is a priority!

How do you stay happy and positive during a time that can sometimes be difficult or stressful?

Setting boundaries is a huge way to support happiness over the holidays. We make sure to not overcommit ourselves or our time and save pockets of time for us to create new traditions as a family. It’s tempting to want to say “yes” to every celebration and opportunity, but “no” has been a word that has helped us fiercely protect our time and our sanity over the holidays. When I feel the stress or anxiousness creeping in, I go back to gratitude for what’s in front of me and for the gifts we have in our every day life. Coming back to the moment and remembering that I am enough and I have enough are huge reminders to seek contentedness in a busy season.

How do you share the love and help others feel good during the holidays?

We actually don’t do presents in our families… so minus the kiddos, we don’t buy one another anything and instead, our gift is bringing our calendars to the table and finding time for our entire family to gather. It’s been super fun to plan a weekend getaway or focused time when we can all be in the same place at the same time and it helps fight for presence over presents.

What’s your fave way to treat yourself during this time of year?

Giving myself a little break from work! I love what I do so, so much but this year we’re strategically shutting things down so I can celebrate the holidays and my team can be with their families! Nothing is urgent, so closing down for a few days is going to be such a gift.

What are your tips for making extra YOU time over the holiday season? Comment below and tell us!

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