Finding a bra you love should be empowering. That’s why we’re here with the deets on how to do it! 

Q: What size bra am I?

A: Finding your perfect bra size is a little different for bras than it is for tees and tanks—that’s why there are two more specific measurements used to figure out your bra size:

  • Your band size (e.g., 36 or 38) is measured around your ribcage. 
  • Your cup size (e.g., B or DD) is measured around the fullest part of your chest.  

Q: How to measure for bra size?

A: It’s easy! Meet your newest BFF: the Best Fit Finder. The BFF is our Aerie-exclusive way to measure your bra size. Check out this video of Iskra showing you how to use it. The BFF will be back in stock at soon, or you can visit us in stores to try it out.

Q: How should a bra fit you?

A: All that matters? That it makes you feel good! Here are some tips:

  • Your bra band should feel secure and even on the middle hook.
  • The cups in your bra should hug your shape and feel supportive, without any gaps at the neckline. 
  • Straps should feel snug, comfortable and centered on your shoulders, and should never feel like they’re digging in.

Find your fave fit by checking out our bra guide. You can also visit us in stores any time for a custom, free bra fitting.

Your bra FAQs, answered!

Q: How to wash a bra and how often should you wash them?

A: A good routine is every 1-2 weeks. And of course:

  • This depends on how many bras you have in your rotation (the more you wear it, the more you wash it).
  • The less you wash your bras, the longer they will maintain their shape.
  • To wash your bras: wash them by hand with mild detergent and cool water, and always air dry. 

Q: Should you wear a bra to bed?

A: Only if you want to! 

  • If you do, have no fear—sleeping in a bra doesn’t alter your breast shape in any way.
  • If you’re more comfortable sleeping in a bra, just make sure that it isn’t too tight.
  • Try one of our bralettes, they’re amazing for ZZZing.
Your bra FAQs, answered!

Q: How many bras should you own?

A: The more you own, the longer they’ll last! 

  • Consider having enough bras to make it to laundry day—that way your faves last longer and hold their shape and support.

Q: How long do bras last?

A: It depends!

  • We think replacing a bra after about a year is good, but that depends on how it feels and what kind of shape it’s in.
  • Wear one of your faves ALL the time? Get 1 or 2 backups! Having enough bras to cover your work or school week will help them last longer.

Q: How will you know when to replace a bra?

A: If your bra has stopped making you feel supported and comfortable—ditch it!

  • Replace your bra if the band feels too loose (even on the tightest hook). 
  • If the straps are too stretched out or you see any loose threads or underwire poking through, it’s time to say goodbye. 

Q: How to fold a bra?

Bras need their space! Be sure to dedicate a drawer for them. Be sure to keep your bras:

  • Standing up in a drawer (stacked with their cups inside of eachother—this helps them hold their shape!)
  • Never fold them or ball them up!
  • Be gentle with your bras, and try organizing them by color (so you’re never digging around for the bra you want)
  • On the go? Be sure to not smush your bras in your suitcase—nest them inside each other like you do at home! Unpack your bras when you arrive, too!

Still have a more Q’s? Leave a comment below! Is it time for a new bra? Shop our collection of Aerie bras and find one that makes you feel real good! 

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  1. Linda Qint(Sorenson)

    So, I've always had luscious boobs. Last bra sizing 38DDD. I hate underwires. I'm 68, clean and care for the elderly and sweat like a cold beer. What type of bra would you suggest? I also hate sport bras that flatten and are not sexy or pretty.

    1. Aerie

      Hi Linda! If you’re not a fan of underwire, try one of our wireless bras. If you’re shopping online, you get free shipping & free returns on bras, so try on whatever you want! You can also come see us any time in stores for a free bra fitting & tips on finding your best fit from the pros. Hope you find a bra that feels good!

  2. Megan Trenery

    Why are you discontinuing the Real Me Bralette and scallop bralette? They are the best. Super thin, comfy, and dry fast! Please make more like them or don't get rid of them!! They're the only bras I wear.

    1. Aerie

      Hi Megan! We do have some new Real Me sports bras online now, but you’re right that the style is going away. Have you tried our new Real Free bralettes? They also have an amazing soft & smooth barely-there fabric, & there are more styles coming soon. If you want to share your Real Me comment with all teams, please fill out the “Feedback” section at Hope you find a new bra to love!

  3. Brianna C.

    I have tried different sizes of bralettes (S&M) and i usually wear a size 32D-DD… (TMI) but my nipples fall out ! How can I fix this?!! I prefer bralettes to bras because they’re so much more comfy!

    1. Aerie

      Hi Brianna! Have you tried one of our bralettes that come in D & DD sizes? They have extra support & coverage—see if that helps! We have free shipping & free returns on bras & bralettes at so you can find your best fit.

  4. Bailey

    Why are the bralettes sizes in small, medium, large and not regular bra sizes like 32A,32B and so on? It makes buying the right size bralette difficult and hard to know if the size will fit my bra size.

    1. Aerie

      Hi Bailey! Thanks for your comment. Click the “Size Chart” button on the product page, and you’ll see the conversion from bra to bralette sizing. We also have free shipping & free returns on bras & bralettes at so you can always find your best fit, or come see us any time in stores for a free fitting.

  5. Megan

    My underbust is ~30 inches and my bust is ~38. That makes me a 30FF in standard UK sizing or a 30H in US. But your size chart shows me as a 34D, which is way too loose of a band and way too small cups.

    To be truly inclusive you should accurately measure sizes, to fit people into comfortable bras. A 30 band bra stretches to 30 inches. A 36 band stretches to 36 inches. Why do you still use the outdated +4 method?

  6. Bridget

    I was wondering if the Unlined bras will be coming back? I saw there are some in clearance right now but none are my size (34dd). I really like having an underwire for the shape, because bralettes always make my boobs look kinda smushed down and weird under shirts, even the bralettes in DD sizing. But, I also don't like the bulk padding adds, even sometimes with lightly lined bras haha so I've been really looking to find some more unlined bras.

  7. Cristina

    Would be great to provide some insight on how to measure ourselves at home to find our best size using a measuring tape instead of a device we don't have access to.

    1. Colleen

      I second this. I just measured myself and I feel like ti didn't align with the aerie size chart.

  8. Evely

    Where can I purchase the BFF measuring tape to buy the correct bra size? I am having difficulty trying to find what my correct size is at Aerie.

    1. Aerie

      Be sure to keep an eye out for restocks coming soon!

  9. Rachel

    I'm looking to buy the REAL me twist back sports bra and the sizing chart says as a 32DD i should be wearing a S DD; however, it only comes in a S or M. Would you recommend sizing up or down?

    1. Aerie

      Hi Rachel, if you like a more snug fit we recommend a small. If you prefer a slightly looser fit, go with a medium. It’s all about how you feel in it!

  10. Stella

    Hi wondering how to convert your aerie real me to Razorback

  11. Sage

    I bought bras that were too small because the sizing chart stops at DD's. I don't have extra money to buy a BFF. I just know my band measurement was 39" and my bust was 46". What size G or H cup would be recommended, since I can't look to the sizing chart for answers.

    1. Aerie

      Hi Sage, we encourage you to head into your local Aerie store and get a free bra fitting from one of our BFFs!

  12. Jess

    I just got the BFF measuring tape, and I measured myself. I had bought a bra earlier in a size 34D (I checked with the consultant to make sure it fit right), but when I measured myself, I came out to a 34band and a 32C overall? I had someone check to make sure I was measuring myself correctly, but I’ve always had a problem where I’ve gotten under measured. Any clue why this happens?

    1. Aerie

      Hi Jess, 34B and 32C are sister sizes!

  13. Meghan

    im a 37D but when I look at your size chart I couldn't find my sizing how to I find one that will work

  14. Brandy

    Love aerie bras and bralettes. I always wanted to try them after hearing people rave about them, but Aerie didn't carry a size that would fit me. Now they do! But, while they have some styles in my size (38DDD or XLDD), most styles don't carry the 38DDD or XL DD! It's disappointing because I see beautiful styles that I would LOVE to wear, but don't come in my size. Are there plans to expand all styles to include a larger size range? Sister sizing doesn't work for me. 🙁

  15. Maya

    hey are they still doing bra measurements due to covid?

    1. Aerie

      Hi Maya, be sure to check with your local Aerie store to see if they’re doing bra measurements.

  16. Stephanie

    Will you measure bra size in store?

    1. Aerie

      Hi Stephanie, please be sure to give your local Aerie store a call to ensure that they are currently offering in store bra measurements.

  17. Maddie

    I wear a 34 g bra size and I was wondering if any of the bralettes would work for my cup size or if I would just have to wait until they make bigger sized one.

  18. Jolene

    Can you wear certain bralette by themselves in public? If so, which ones?

    1. Aerie

      Hi Jolene! Yes, be sure to check out our Bra Top Shop!

  19. Bre

    I am a 30D and notice that you only have 2-3 bras in this size… will you be coming out with more bras in this size or are you removing this size from your line? The only ones available are wireless and I need a wire to feel supported. I know a 32 C can be a sister size but those are too big in the rib cage for me 🙁

  20. Annie

    What bra sizes do the stores carry?

    1. Aerie

      Hi Annie! We carry an array of different sizes in the store. If we don’t have it in stock, be sure to check out our bras online!

  21. Hanna

    I measured at a 38C at Aeire. I am having an issue with the wire not wanting to fit snug and my breast poking out at the bottom. It also moves when I move my arms. I also tried a 36D and it still does it. Could it be the bra type or should I try another size? I love Aerie bras but hate having to adjust myself.

  22. Carly

    Advice ! I need advice. I’m shopping at American Eagle for bras at Aerie. I’m usually run on medium 34a 34b 36a Im just confused because the sizes are different. Would I need 32a or a 32b ? Please help !!!

  23. Josie

    I’m a 34DD and I just bought some of your tshirt bras and I’ve had them for about two months and the under wire is popping out the bra cup. What can I do ?

  24. Rebel

    The size markings on my bra are not the same as the sizes listed when I try to order? My bra says L/GD but there is no such thing when ordering

  25. Nancy

    My clasp broke is there anyway to you can help me out. I bought it back in January 2023

  26. Ashlee

    Hi I’m wondering how to find a bra to fit me I’m like 36DD but I want to get fit again so I know what I size I am

  27. Morgan

    One of my Aerie bra’s underwire broke, is it possible to exchange it? (Even if it’s not new)

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