HERproject is a women’s empowerment workplace program focused on women worker’s health needs, financial inclusion and gender equality. HERproject operates in 9 countries, and its mission is to unlock the full potential of women working in global supply chains.

At Aerie and AE, we have been proud to partner with HERproject since 2013. Women make up more than 80% of the workers who run and operate 300+ factories in 20+ countries around the world to make Aerie and American Eagle products, and it’s especially important to us to show our support for and help to empower these workers.

Aerie and AE participate in each of the 3 pillars of HERproject programs:

  • HERhealth at 15 factories in Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia and Bangladesh: Increasing the ability of low-income women to take charge of their health
  • HERfinance at 5 factories in Bangladesh: Expanding financial inclusion of low-income workers in global supply chains
  • HERrespect at 5 factories in India: Building gender-equitable workplaces

By partnering with HERproject, we’ve helped to train more than 31,000 women and 10,000 men (who are included in HERfinanace and HERrespect programs) so far.   

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