Let’s get REAL, homebodies

These are uncertain times and staying home is not always the easiest. We ALL need more positivity in our lives right now. Tell us how you’re expressing yourself or helping others.

Painting, poetry, picking up groceries for family, dropping off a pick-me-up for a friend?  Share a video or pic of what you’re up to these days and make sure to include some positivity for your Aerie fam!

Email your submissions + a little about you: name, location, job, and a brief sentence or two about what #AerieReal feels like to you to positivity@aerie.com and you could be featured on #AerieREAL Life and our other social channels.

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We’re in this together! Stronger together!  xo

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  1. Kayla Connell

    I suffer from anxiety and have panic attacks during stressful periods of time. During this pandemic, has been no different. I’m also in grad school and the transition to online has been horrendous! However, I remind myself each day how lucky I am to be in this position. I’m working towards my dream to becoming a licensed Speech Pathologist. I’ve worked so hard to get to this moment! I’m lucky I have the capabilities to participate in online classes. I’m lucky my professors have tried their best to give us quality education even in a hands on field. I appreciate all that my university has done for me in my journey thus far. Whenever I feel anxious or am in the midst of a panic attack, I walk outside and wait for the sun to hit my face. This reminds that I am still alive, I am present in this moment, and I am strong. Feeling the sun is such a simple pleasure, we often forget to appreciate it. I even ate a piece of chocolate the other day and the wrapper said, “hug the sunlight”. And I have never felt more gracious to embrace the simple aspects of nature.

    1. Jamyra Williams

      It's ok🥺❤️were here for you 😘💕

    2. Jennifer

      We are all with you in this time of craziness just remember there are many people out there that care about each other ❤️☀️ 🙌🙏 and that hopefully we can all get thru this together… Sooner hopefully rather then later on. A little smile and some positive vibes is all that is needed sometimes and some days you just need to have a veg day, we all do.

    3. peta delsonno

      you will be alright Kayla…….my name is Peta and I suffer from depression and anxiety at times. We'll get through this together…..❤❤❤❤❤

      1. Aneta Michniak

        Almost two years ago I was supposed to go to worlds cheerleading for team usa cause our team was doing a good job. Cause covid hit the states and we postponed it until this year. We supposed to have my dance recital cause we have to get the vaccine.

    4. Hannah

      That is such a beautiful way to cope. I love basking in the sun. I hope you are doing okay! Much love to you

      1. Aerie

        Thanks for sharing the love!

    5. Jaclyn

      Thank you for sharing your story with us. It’s comforting to know that we are not alone. It’s easy to feel like that when anxiety, depression, etc. takes over our mindset. Everyday routines become a challenge. There r good and bad days and I have learned to take them in stride but it’s not easy and it , personally, took me almost two years of self love, educating myself and more to be able to take the good with the bad. It’s dedication on some days but I learned a lot in my two years of growth. The best thing I learned about and TRULY 100% instilled in my life was loving MYSELF UNCONDITIONALLY!!! I have a tattoo that reads, “NOW I KNOW TRUE LOVE ❤️“!! So many people ask me about the meaning or ask who it is. My answer…ME!! It has literally made it very quiet for a number of long seconds. They are speechless 😶 Bc those people know how powerful those 5 words are. TRUE self love is not easy and I have come across many people who say they love themselves but I know that is a facade. Actions, words, non-verbal language, etc. is how I can tell if you love yourself. And now I am far from perfect. But with my knowledge of it I am able to read the signs well. I hope one day they offer a HS class on Self Love and Care bc it is essential that we have the tools to embrace our journeys as happy and content as we can get! Thanks again. I relate to your face in the sun ☀️. It’s how I feel when it rains. Washing my bad away and flooding me with the good. New beginnings!! Remember…we always have a new beginning of life or a day. A bad choice is normal as long as we learn from it and make a better choice to begin again with our new decision to make it work. Thanks for the space for my little journal. Whoever read this… I am grateful to your time.

  2. Mckenna Ballard

    I’m mckenna, I’m a college student and I live in Phoenix AZ! In quarantine I miss going hiking with friends, movies, and family gatherings! I miss the gym too! What I’ve been doing to keep myself sane is doing a little body movement every day that makes me happy. Whether that be dancing, yoga, HIIT training, or going for a walk with my pup. Another way I’ve been staying sane is by writing letters to my friends! Yes, we all have phones. But this is so much more fun AND who knows, maybe in the far future someone will find the letters and they will have real life artifacts from the pandemic in 2020..;) One more thing I’ve found to keep my sane, is staying grateful. I might be stuck at home, but I’m stuck at home HEALTHY. That alone is a blessing.

    1. Jennifer

      This is so true , we all have phones but a hand written note means so much more right now , I know that if I get one it brightens my day on the days I am down especially when I don't know I am getting them and when they send little things with them and they didn't have to that makes them a 1000% better. We all can make each other's lives amazing right now just by showing how much we care about each other and checking in on our loved ones, neighbors, friends ,mail carries , ups and of those believe me they love it😉😁💓 and they are working so hard to get those packages to us and mail out. Even people that we don't know . Just takes a few seconds of time . Just like writing this . I hope you have an awesome day and rest of the week!🙌

  3. Diana

    My name is Diana Iarussi I live and grew up in Fairfax Virginia and I am currently working as a nanny for a wonderful family. During these difficult times the most important thing is to remember that everyone is going through something, everyone is trying to deal with something that no one was prepared for, but there have been positive outcomes out of this international crisis.
    Parents are now at home with their children, for my family it has allowed us more tine with eachother, we binge watch shows together and play board games, ho on walks when possible, even play sport in the garage. We all had such different schedules that at tines we wouldn't see eachother for days and now we are able to laugh and enjoy this tine together.
    Aerie real has changed the way that I view clothing stores, it has given me the ability to be comfortable in my skin. To be able to see different body types represented, to see stretchmarks on models was so relieving to me, to know that it wasn't abnormal. It also makes me feel that health isn't just about how you look, but how you feel and how you're taking care of your body. Even being healthy you may never reach a size 0 and that's ok, and I appreciate that aerie has taken that step to do their part so girls and women can begin to love their bodies for what they are. With everything going in in the world today, the last thing we need is more self loathing for something we may nit have control over.

  4. Juliana K Sadowski

    Life is definitely crazy right now, but the one thing I'm trying to keep up with is my positivity in this dark time! I live alone with a pup and normally work 2 jobs so you can imagine that my life has drastically changed… One of my jobs is coaching a dance team alongside my partner in crime, Brandon. Since we have been ordered to stay home we are teaching dance classes on our Facebook and Instagram pages as well as teaches our students on Zoom. Any sort of normalcy we can maintain for our kids we are going to try! It's so important for me to stay positive and share that with my students to keep them motivated and excited for the future during this time!

    1. Jennifer

      Love that you guys are still getting those students moving , I love dancing and was on a dance team and a cheerleader and I know these girls or boys can't live without out & I say thank you for all the parents for your hard work 🙋☀️❤️ and positivity and be 💪!

  5. Emma Grace

    HOMIES! We are all going to be okay. The things set in place now are for our protection. Please stay home but STAY #CONNECTED! The way we make it through this is TOGETHER. Reach out to loved ones and friends, let them know you’re safe and keep in touch! Much love!!

    1. Jaclyn


  6. Natalie

    I feel that staying inside is hard for everyone to do. Many people don’t know how to be still and sit with themselves. In these trying times it’s hard to not over think but whenever I feel overwhelmed with a thought I remember back to a yoga class I took where my professor told the class that overthinking is nothing more than making stories and I feel a lot of people would benefit by that reminder.

    1. Jennifer

      So true

  7. Adrianna Reyes

    I am spending my time indoors by using putting some aerie leggings on and sports bra spreading out my yoga mat and finding some zen. There’s a lot of time being spent in my room so, I have also taken the time to go through my things and get rid of items I will never use. Needless to say, my room is clean and tidy

  8. Maria

    It’s been hard to stay on Home With no possibility to go nowhere but I pray for all these go and Live come back again😭😭😭

  9. Grace J. Amine

    I have found that an amazing way to stay positive in this time is to block out some time each day to ask yourself, what good is going to come out of this? and what am I meant to learn from this experience? I think everyone will find that even though it might be super hard now, there is always an upside to any downside! Set yourself goals! Start an intense workout regimen, take your dog for that run you never have time for, re-paint your room or move around all the furniture into different locations, or go through your closet and donate anything that you haven't worn in 9 months or more to somewhere they can re purpose those clothes for people in need right now! There are so many things that you can do to stay positive during this time, so find what makes your heart beat a little quicker, and do that!

  10. Aline T

    I try to go through this day by day. When I think things such as, "how long is this going to go on for?" or "when can I go out again?" I think of what I can do in this moment to ensure I'm helping in the best way possible. For instance, by staying home, I am helping to flatten the curve, which will hopefully end the social distancing sooner rather than later. Additionally, by wearing a face covering when I go to a grocery store, I am helping to prevent the spread of the virus. Same goes for washing my hands, etc. Remember that you are doing the best you can and that you are not in this alone!

  11. Lynette Carvajal

    Lately I’ve been really missing my friends and classmates. I was supposed to graduate College this month, however it got canceled due to the situation. It really stinks, and I’ve been feeling bummed out about it because I wanted to be with my classmates one last time and be able to walk across the stage before we all went our separate ways! These days, I’ve been doing tons of exercise to keep my mind and body busy. My boyfriend and I recently have been doing a lot of painting! Painting is super calming and its actually a lot of fun. whether you’re a true artist or not, you all should definitely try painting!! I’ve also been doing a lot of online shopping! Hoping to get featured!

  12. sara

    Don't let change change you!

  13. Trisha

    I am a health care provider who was assigned to a covid floor and recently got diagnosed with covid infection myself. I am making a slow recovery and remain in quarantine . Being away from my family is probably the hardest . But knowing that I got to help a lot of patients that came through my hospital unit make complete recovery gladdens my heart. My patients have been calling to check on me and my family making quarantine less trying .

  14. kaylee

    hi!! i love ur clothes i own so many of ur products and i absolutely adore ur company!! you have the comfiest most best quality clothes for a good price!! love your leggings and sweatshirts and ur bathing suits!! i was wondering if you guys are ever gonna make athletic shorts? i would so purchase them!!

  15. Lavinia Kilton

    I know it is very hard times but I believe we all get through this even if it is hard just try harder and imagine what it is going to be like in the end of this all we all can do it just stay positive it’s the best idea.

  16. Natalie Wescombe

    My name is Natalie and I am a therapist! The ways I have shared positivity through these difficult times is being a resource for my friends and family. I have been teaching grounding skills, meditation, and most importantly the thought process of Yes, And! For example, yes we can be grateful And feel disappointed that plans have been cancelled. Yes we can love spending time with our families And be overwhelmed by their presence. It’s okay to be right where you are through these strange times and know you matter and you are not alone.

  17. Jennifer

    Although it's been difficult staying home as a single mom without any income. We are making the best of it, we have had 4 birthdays in the family and still managed to make them special with our family. We hike often and sometimes sunbathe while the littles splash in their paddling pool. It's been nice being able to stay home with them.

  18. kathryn cox

    Thank you for sharing the smiles during this uncertain time.
    I teach English Language Learners in Lancaster, PA.
    Everyday is a new day and a new way to meet the needs of my student population. Despite the challenges, my students and families are staying positive and excited to learn. They are my happiness 🙂

    I have been LIVING in Aerie clothing and am so grateful for all the extra time and energy you are doing behind the scenes to keep your customers coming back, again and again. YOU ROCK!

    I brag about your customer service and the quality merchandise you continue to offer!
    Thank you for keeping me warm, in more ways than one, during these changing times.

  19. Susan S

    Listen to music you grew up with and current favorites. Work out in the yard if able! Sunshine does us all good! Work on a craft you haven’t had time for in awhile jewelry , painting or drawing ! Love looking at Aeries comfy clothes and undergarments !!!! Keep passing the positive vibes !

  20. Regan

    Hi I’m Regan! I’m 23 and currently off from work as being an esthetician at an adorable spa in Michigan. I have been trying to keep myself busy during this time so I decided to make homemade cards for all my friends and sent out a card package with a face mask for an at home facial and a mini nail file! Hopefully spreading some positivity during this time will help!

  21. Rashelle

    Hi everyone, my name is Rashelle. I am an oncology nurse and I work in a downtown Cleveland hospital. The world is confusing for everyone during this uncertain time. Therefore, we need to spread love and not hate. Whether you are outside walking around or at the grocery store, choose to be kind and treat others with respect. You have no idea what someone else may be experiencing in his or her personal life, so it is very important to remain empathetic to all situations. Stay positive everyone!

    1. Jennifer

      So true @ Rachelle I get people that look at me all the time and because I look ok they think I am fine but because I go thru chemo every month , I get strange looks but I don't let it effect me I always try and stay very positive I have gone through this for 15years of people looking at me like that because I am younger but sickness knows no age! Oncology nurse knowje this best… I thank you for all you and your fellow nurses do all year long but especially this month!🙏💓

  22. Joslyn Bonkowski

    During these rough times I have 6 sisters i'm living with and a foster mom who is trying to keep us all calm and at times it has been hard and will get hard but we've learned to talk to each other and get closer. We've been watching movies together and talking to each other more about what we are going thru right now in our lives. I just want this to end but i'm also learning that this is good for us and is what we really needed I hope everyone is safe and trying to stay at home. I wish everyone the best during these times!

  23. Lisa Richert

    The email to send your positivity pics does not work. Please help.

    1. Aerie

      Hi Lisa, we’ve seen no issues with the email. Can you please tell us the error you’re experiencing?

  24. Qi Ting Liu

    Hey it's Qi Ting aka Qi .I'm from New York and I'm currently a College coach for Cuny College Bridge. #AerieReal Life is just wen you try to be motivated by calling friends or bonding with your pet.

  25. Amy Norris

    We have been given an innate ability to rebound from most anything….think of all you been through in your life and just know that this is just one more thing you can look back on and say….”I made it!!”

  26. Savannah

    I’ve always loved to cook but just recently have had so much time to try new recipes and some old favorites. Yesterday I made some chicken tortilla soup and it was soo good. Last week I made banana bread and Lo mein. When I cook it just relaxes me and it’s just like I’m in my own world. I feel like nothing can go wrong ( unless I burn the food). #AerieREAL

    1. Aerie

      That sounds delicious, Savannah!

    2. Haya Fahad

      I love being positive 🥰 In the future i want to help homeless people and I love to give chairity money because it makes them happy and also it makes me happy 😃 I like cooking 🍳 I like staying outside seeing the sun ☀️ birds 🦢I just like nature it is amazing 😉 I just like sharing my positivity to others. #AerieREAL

  27. Jara Downs

    Staying positive over here!☀️ Taking care of my body, moving everyday either through daily walks 🚶🏼‍♀️or yoga, 💪🏻 etc. Drinking plenty of water 💦 & getting adequate sleep😴 plus loving on my family – husband & 2 kids around me❤️ Also watching my online church & volunteering in the ways I can! And…I’m now an online teacher, so checking in with my 1st graders on zoom, and posting modified assignments. For fun I like to sit by my fire pit in my loungewear snuggled in a cozy blanket & read or cook s’mores with the fam while blasting my fave tunes! For more on how I stay positive check out my insta @jaradowns!✌🏻❤️🌼

    1. Aerie

      All amazing ways to stay positive! Thanks for sharing, Jara!

  28. Maria

    This is making me stay positive and happy 😊 I fell way better now 🌸🌸

  29. Matteo

    This is amazing and tell Charlie to say hi to me plz

  30. Cande

    Hi Charli love u so much! Thank you for all this tips!!! You are a very good and beautiful perdón!!💖💖💖💖

  31. Jimenna

    Hi Charli

  32. Lara

    i love

  33. Lara

    I love this motivates me and makes everything easier ❤️

  34. Lokulari

    I love this motivates me and makes everything easier ❤️

  35. Asmaa housari

    I every one I'm asmaa I am 12 yesrs old iam in grade 6. The positively thing I did while staying home are I started cooking more than before/I improved my morning routine and night routine/i am able to spend more time with my family/I started making sports/I make diy/I spend time with my little brother taking care of him playing with him

  36. Shamma

    How i get your mirch

  37. Layla

    If ur not feeling well just see what to do u can build up ur body or reed books drink a lot of water and rap ur self in a cozy blanket. Ik I like to bake fresh homemade cookies and ice cream and cake so stay positive and don’t let anyone talk about u wether it’s online or in ur school just ignore them and always know that ur body is ur choice and I LOVE U CHARLI DAMELIO IM UR BIGGEST FAN UR MY IDOL❤️❤️

  38. Tilly

    Hi hope everyone is ok and all staying helthey . Whilst we have all been in quarentine I have been helping with gardening, baking, cycling, running and all other fun things that I can do at home in my garden or inside my garden. If any of you find this check out my tik tok account called tt_duet I am private but you can request me. I would love it if you did request me. I hope everyone is keeping well and doing ok and staying safe indoors. I cant wait till everything is over and we can go out and play for a long time in a while.

    Pls pls pls can you check out my tik tok account at tt_duet pls request me. Love you all loads.

  39. Rebecca Miller

    OMG I can not wait to see u guys I literally love you

  40. Isabel

    Thank you guys my daughters is a big fan if charli and dixie

  41. Magdalena

    Hi Charli

  42. Audibert Océane

    During confinement, I garden, cook, and keep busy as I can. I spend my days watching the tik toks of Charli D'amelio because I am a big fan of her. Maybe one day she will answer me..
    PS : I’m French.

  43. Lynn

    Ohh its amazing😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  44. Emmanouela

    All amazing❤❤❤❤❤

  45. @Ujjwalgupta049

    Nice pic

  46. Junyca Guia Villaflor

    Junyca Guia Villaflor

  47. Diego

    Hi charli I LOVE YOU 💓💓😍😍😍

  48. Lauren

    Thank you for everything!❤️

  49. vivian nelson

    Hi charli demileo I love youre content and I also think quarantine sucks 😕 ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  50. Erin

    Hi charli I’m a big fan
    Love you

  51. Lola Renzo

    Lola Renzo hi Charlie

  52. 💕 Nora 💕

    I have been missing my friends. I have two brothers who are sometimes mean to me which make me fell even worse. I've benn watching a lot of tik tok and watching Charli and Dixie makes me fell so much better. I've been cooking a lot and spearmint time outside and with my animals. All this makes we feel so much better! 💕

    ❤️ U charli and Dixie!!

  53. Queen Rana

    Hi love the Merch I buying all periodttttt

  54. Evie

    Hi! I understand that you won’t text back, and that’s ok because I don’t expect you to. If u did I would cry though. I just want you to know that you are beautiful in every way possible. You are also so kind and funny. You are everyone’s leader. You are the reason everyone is happy. You are a great dancer and always will be. You blow everyone’s mind away. And one thing that ma,es everyone love you is that you’re fearless, bold, brave, and not afraid. You blow people away. You make you own path and followed it all the way through. You are a big star, but also the most humble, respectful, nice, amazing, awesome, cool, sweet, kind, thoughtful, creative, and funniest star I have ever seen. Your not afraid to be you. And I just want you to remember that you have gone where your journey led you too. I am only 11, but still your biggest fan. I wish I could give you a big hug and the most special present on your birthday since it is in a a month. You are everyone’s biggest supporter. Never forget that:)

  55. Reina

    Hi charli i love you so much i am you loyal fan charli can you follow me please but it is your chose not mine if you don’t follow me i understand

  56. Aiden

    This is a note to stay positive in this pandemic and Charlie you help us a lot by doing all your TickTock‘s and it’s being yourself

  57. Paula aurora lima

    I love charli damilio

  58. Arian Curtis

    #AerieReal Life

    Hello beautiful people!!! Things that I have realized during this whole pandemic:
    – WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. You may feel alone, but everybody is struggling in some way and that’s okay.
    – I have learned to SLOW DOWN, and BE STILL, and REST during this time. It’s okay to not always have a set schedule and constantly be a busy body.
    – My self-care is CRUCIAL! ( and so is yours!)
    – It’s important to stay connected with your loved ones. Make time to call or FaceTime or text them! It will mean the world to them!
    – I have gotten to pick up on some new hobbies, like buying plants, cooking, & painting! Which are things I NEVER had time for! I love it! Find some new hobbies that you never had time for
    – I love getting outside to just take my dog on a walk and be around nature! It’s so peaceful, you should try it!!!

    I pray for this world and over this pandemic every single day! I pray that you lovely people are being safe and staying healthy! 🙏🏽💗

  59. Gloria

    Built posicovidity.org recently with a few friends remotely in any free time outside of work to help and inspire others as well as personally stay positive during these COVID times! Primarily been living in my Aerie yoga pants while tackling this fun side project #AerieReal

    1. Aerie

      Amazing! Thanks for sharing, Gloria!

  60. Isabel

    I'm watching tv shows and bootlegs basically haha. Just staying in my room eating and watching stuff on my phone. I'm also listening to Ben Platt a bunch and a lot of other show tunes :))

  61. Sergio Simental

    I’m great full for watching Aly Raisman’s videos that she posts… She motivates and inspires me !!! ❤️

  62. audrey w

    This whole thing is hard, but we need to sit back and think about how much bonding time we are getting now that we aren’t at school or work. It may be boring but at least we are being boring with the ones we love the most, its almost as if the world has come to a stop and we have to figure put how to make it work again. I love all of you and have an amazing coronacation ❤️

  63. Megan

    Hi everyone!

    I hope you all are doing well during this challenging time. I am a body positive dietitian (soon to be) who wants you to know that YOU and your wonderfully unique body are BEAUTIFUL! Anybody who makes you feel differently isn't worth your time or energy. Diet culture likes to lie to us, telling us that we need to work out, diet, and take harmful detox supplements in the name of changing our body size into something that society deems "beautiful and worthy". But guess what… it is nothing more than a cruel lie sold to profit off our insecurities! Your worth is NOT based on society's version of beauty and the perfect body size. You are worthy of loving your body! So, next time you scroll past fitness influencers telling you that you absolutely have to go keto and buy their exercise program to get your "bikini body" during quarantine, do what I do. Think of their intentions (selling you a product), and recognize that attempting to shame you and diminish your body image is part of their marketing ploy. It is not something that should make you question your self worth for one second. Every body is a bikini body, and all bodies are good bodies! Please remember this always, but especially as summer approaches!!

    For more body positive messages, visit http://www.apinchofnutmeg.org and/or my insta: @a_pinchofnutmeg . Sending lots of love!

  64. Hannah

    Although everything is somewhat going back to normal, it is still a hard time. For me, depression and anxiety have sky rocketed. I feel stuck, things are uncertain, and overall I just feel blue. Typing my thoughts on here do help. This feels like a journal where someone listens to me and cares. School especially has been hard. Being a STEM major I had to take labs online. When you are in a lab class it needs to in person. After all, labs are hands on, so doing a simulation online was not the same. I could not grasp the material the way I would in a face to face setting. I hope everyone out there is doing okay. We are in this together and we can get through this bump in the road.

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