Give your summer loves a fun, new upgrade! We’re taking food scraps and making an all-natural dye that you can use on your fave tees, joggers and more. Read on below to see how you can, too!


  • White shirts, joggers or clothing of your choice
  • Food scraps (we used cabbage, beets, onion skins)
  • Rubber bands
  • Gloves
  • Color-safe containers


1. Soak the clothes you’re going to tie-dye in hot water while you prepare the dye.

2. Cut the vegetable scraps into equal, large sections.

3. Place in a pot full of water & bring to a rolling boil.

4. Simmer the veggies for about 10 minutes to extract the color.

5. Strain the water into a jar or container.

6. Roll up the item you’ll be dying &, using the rubber bands, wrap bands around the item.

7. Place the item you’ll be dying in a bowl or color-safe container & pour on the desired dyes.

8. Let clothing sit overnight & remove rubber bands.

9. Rinse clothing in cold water until water runs clear.

10. Dry clothes on high to set the color.

11. Style with your fave Aerie pieces & enjoy!

What Aerie faves are you going to be tie-dyeing?! Comment below & tell us!

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