We spoke with Designer Morgan C. and Associate Merchant Martha L. about the launch of our newest activewear collection, OFFLINE by Aerie. Read on below to see what makes OFFLINE different than your traditional activewear brand and what you can expect from the collection. 

What inspired the team to create OFFLINE?  What does the name “OFFLINE” mean?

MC: With the success of Chill. Play. Move, we found ourselves—and our customer—craving more.  We couldn’t wait to create a well-rounded collection that offers pieces for working out, getting to and from, and all the places in between (even the couch)! We wanted to use our brand to inspire our girl to be the best version of herself through a healthy, balanced, and active lifestyle.

ML: OFFLINE really means taking back your time. We’re so connected and we’re always expected to be “ON!”  And now, more than ever, it’s important to “go offline” or take a break from school, work, or Instagram. It’s all about taking time for yourself and moving in a way that makes you feel good! That really embodies what we’re standing for with this brand: getting REAL about activewear.  It’s not about being perfect, or having everything figured out. It’s about moving every day because it feels good—OR— just moving from your bed to the couch! Because sometimes, we need a break (and it’s ok to admit that). So, as Aerie is dedicated to building confidence in young women, we will be committed to women’s health: mind, body, and soul. That includes mental health, which is just as important as physical health.

What sets OFFLINE  apart from other activewear collections?

MC: At OFFLINE, details are key. From thumbholes to pockets, every little detail has been carefully thought out to make sure that we are giving our girl the best functioning product (all while looking super cute).  We have incorporated a lot of fun colors, prints, and feminine details that you won’t see from other brands.  Comfort is always at the top of mind, and in true aerie fashion everything is SUPER soft. We are constantly wearing and testing our product to make sure that we have the best fabrics and fits out there.  We are also excited to be standing behind sets as well as mix and match.  So, not only can our girl pair her favorite sports bra back to a legging, she can pair it with a running short, or bike short, or match those bottoms back to one of our super cute tanks! Layer all of it under our amazing fleece…the possibilities are endless.

ML: In addition to all of the amazing product, we’re taking a FUN approach to activewear! We believe movement helps you become the best version of yourself.  This includes ALL types of movement.  We support moving in whatever way makes you feel good! Yoga, jumping rope, running, walking your dog, or having a dance party… It’s so important to have fun while you move! I think that’s a big factor in what sets us apart. We are moving to have fun and are not taking ourselves too seriously while we’re doing it!  Our love of fun prints, exciting colors and feminine details really helps bring the little things to life! Along with movement, music is another important element of this brand. Music and movement are SO intertwined.  Music can pump you up for a big run, or can calm you down for mindful meditation.  We love how music adds a fun and playful element to this brand.

There are several different fabrics to choose from. Can you explain what makes each one different?

MC + ML: All of our fabrics have been meticulously chosen with movement and comfort in mind. Because of this, a majority of our fabrics have spandex in them so that they can stretch and move with our girl throughout her day, (whether she is sitting on the couch or going to a sweaty workout).  

We’ll be launching with 5 core leggings fabrics, as well as some fun and exciting novelty.  We are also super excited to be taking our leggings fabrics and using them for bras, joggers, tanks, and more.  We’ve got a wide range of leggings fabrics (so that we can offer a legging for everyone and every activity). Our 5 core fabrics are:

OG – The original every day cotton that our girl knows and loves.  It’s really soft and makes for really comfy lazy day leggings – from coffee, to walking the dog, to class, they are just super easy.

Real Me – Our number one fabric (and my personal favorite).  Real Me has 360° stretch that moves with you perfectly.  It’s like a second skin and has an amazing, weightless feel.  It’s great for literally any and every activity.  Our creative director loves it for spin class, and I wear it for dance and aerial classes.

The Hugger – Super soft and has been lightly brushed both inside and out.  We named it The Hugger because when you wear it, it really does feel like you’re being wrapped in a hug.  The hugger is great for yoga, pilates, barre, and is honestly just an amazing all-around legging.

Goals – Our most supportive fabric with a cool slick feel. Great for the sweatiest of workouts.

Warmup – The Warmup Legging has a super soft brush interior with a smooth surface.  Our Warmup leggings are made from recycled plastic bottles, so they are Real Good! I love this fabric for going on a hike on a crisp fall day, grocery store runs, and wearing on airplanes or roadtrips. 

In addition to these core fabrics, we’ll also be offering some exciting novelty fabrics including shine, ribbed, and seamless! This adds an extra bit of trend and fun to round out our leggings collection.

And last but not least: we’re OBSESSED with our new Over The Top “OTT” fleece fabric.  It’s next level soft and has spandex in it so that it moves with you.  This fabric is offered in a hoodie silhouette that’s longer length (and of course has pockets).  It’s also offered in a super easy jogger with a roll over waistband—the perfect matching set!   We love to layer these over our leggings and bike shorts going to and from a workout. They look and feel amazing on their own, too.

Are there any new products in this collection that our brand hasn’t offered before?

MC: We are really excited to be offering the full package to our girl. Our leggings have been a huge hit, so we’re leveraging those amazing fabrics and creating her favorite bras and tops! We’ve got a great variety of top silhouettes for her to layer and play around with as well.  We’re really excited to launch items like running shorts, nylon pants, windbreakers, and tennis skirts which can really complete her look.

ML: To round out the great apparel that Morgan mentioned, we’ll also have OFFLINE accessories.  Hats, bags, water bottles, select footwear and socks (of course)!  Scrunchies and headbands in her fave matchback legging fabrics and prints, too—talk about an outfit completer! And our new beauty brand, Minimal-ish, launches in BTS as well. It’s perfect for all the essentials she needs in her gym bag!

Which piece from this collection are you most excited about, and why?

MC: Do I have to pick one?!? I’m super excited about literally everything.  I think the first thing that I’ll be adding to my shopping cart is the tennis skirt. It’s going to sound silly, but I’ve always wanted to be good at tennis because I thought the outfits were so cute.  I don’t play tennis, and will honestly be wearing this to the grocery store, but I just can’t wait! It’s so flirty and comfy.  I’m also really excited for our unitard.  I’ve always been obsessed with unitards—love the versatility of how it can be layered but also love when worn on its own—no shirts falling into your face during a down dog!  Also, the prints from this season are SOOOO good.  I just can’t wait to wear everything leopard and camo.

ML: If you love our Real Me Leggings you HAVE to try our Real Me Hybrid Jogger! Think the Real Me fabric you love + the jogger silhouette you need (including POCKETS)! for the ultimate go-to, go-anywhere, do-anything outfit! Not to mention our Real Me Strappy Bra and Real Me Tank!

The Real Me Strappy Bra features a beautiful strappy back detail, longline body and removable pads. The Real Me Tank is a perfect work out top.  It fits close to your body, has a feminine racerback detail, and has a shelf for extra support.   We LOVE being able to offer our #1 fabric in all of these great new silhouettes! You HAVE to try them all. 

What OFFLINE style are you most excited about? Comment below & tell us!

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  1. Lindsey Joe

    SO excited for y'all to hunker down at Cool Springs Galleria!

  2. Nicole grubb

    Can't wait new clothes floors set aerie October and November December pj top

  3. Sophia

    Will Offline pieces be restocked? Many are sold out and I’m dying to get my hands on some of them!

    1. Aerie

      Yes! We just had restocks this week! Shop online and in stores now.

  4. Kay

    So do u still sell the “play” leggings now? I’ve been calling for a few times and using the live chat in the app but no one seems to give me an answer if u still sell those, thanks in advance!

    1. Aerie

      Hi Kay! Check out our REAL Me, Warmup, and the Hugger fabric which are close to our ‘play’ leggings based on what kind of support you are looking for!

  5. Tori Ginter

    Hi! I just went to West Edmonton Mall and I STOCKED UP on the offline clothing. I am in love, truly. I would love to become a brand ambassador or work with you guys! My TikTok is @tori.ginter I just hit 150k. Let me know if you’re interested! Thanks.

  6. Katie Gontarek

    The reched flare leggings are my ABSOLUTE FAVE! I accidentally burnt them with an iron this morning and I cannot find them in the royal ruby color with the reached waist. Are they discontinued??

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