Beautiful designs and radiating positivity – that’s why we were SO excited to speak with illustrator and founder of Spoonful of Faith Studio, Jena Holliday. Read on below to see how Jena started her business and the advice she has for those looking to start one, too!

What inspired you to create Spoonful of Faith Studio? Could you share the meaning behind the name?  

I have always loved creativity and using my hands to create things, but I took a different route and went to school for marketing. After working in marketing and digital marketing for quite some time, I really felt a pull to start drawing and creating again. Once I had my first child, my daughter Layla, I knew that I wanted to show her by example that she could go after the dreams and things within her heart. I decided to start sharing my illustrations and people kept telling me that I should keep doing it! It took such a leap of faith a few years ago to jump into illustration, especially as a self-taught artist and the name Spoonful of Faith just really fell on my heart. I couldn’t shake it. Now it’s definitely my motto of life, sometimes our greatest adventures are on the other side of a spoonful of faith. 

You also co-founded Mother Creative. Can you tell us more about this community and how our Aerie fam can get involved? 

Yes! Mother Creative is a community for creative women and moms to run and rest in who they are created to be. Its a space where we encourage all types of creativity in all walks and seasons of life. We just recently launched a podcast and have a few episodes where we talk about faith, motherhood, creativity, business and so much more. You can follow us on instagram and subscribe to our podcast!

What advice do you have for other creatives that are passionate about building an online community but haven’t taken the leap yet? 

Honestly, just start! Use what you have and who you have right now. Sometimes we are waiting for something big or more people to start the thing we are being pulled or called to – but the best advice I have is start right now with the little bit you got. It will grow and you will learn so much in those small beginnings. Reach out to friends and family that you are already connected with, and as you meet new people – engage and listen to their lives and stories. That’s how you build community by being there for others like you want them to be for you. 

What is your favorite inspirational quote you’ve ever illustrated? 

One quote that I came up with and always share is “Speak Good Things To Yourself.” It’s one of my most favorite sayings and has been so powerful to me over the years. I love to share it with other people and really encourage them that the most powerful words are the ones we speak over ourselves. 

Which of Jena’s designs speaks to you? Comment below & tell us! < F

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