Aerie is all about self-care! That’s why our newest beauty line, minimal-ish, is an absolute must-have. It’s vegan, cruelty free, and SO much more! We spoke with merchandise manager Kady A. to talk about the beauty line. Read on below to learn more about why Kady knows you’ll love it!

What was the inspiration for the creation of minimal-ish

Within the beauty world, there weren’t a ton of options for a clean, affordable beauty brand—and we took that opportunity to develop minimal-ish. We wanted to create clean products to solve your everyday beauty needs, while making it easy to understand what these products are used for. minimal-ish features minimal packaging and a clean easy design, with a twist, which is where the “ish” comes in!

This collection is very robust! What range of products are available?

13 products are launching (so that’s a pretty curated assortment to start). Some of my favorites are our PMS Soothing Oil: a roll on that can be used on any area that feels sore or crampy. Our Face Mist, which is a gentle, super moisturizing mist to revive tied, dry, dull skin. and our Natural Deodorant: An aluminum free natural deodorant that has a light scent of rose water.

What about the ingredients and packaging make this collection so unique? 

Minimal-ish products are ALL vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, mineral oil free, sulfate and phthalate Free (and our Natural Deodorant is aluminum free). Select bottles are made from recycled materials, and select tubes are made from sugarcane.

Why is self-care so important now more than ever?

We wanted to create a brand that mirrors our existing brand values. We feel like no time is a great time for our customer to take a minute and focus on herself, but minimal-ish is an amazing, easy way to do that.

What are your must-have minimal-ish products?

Our minimal-ish Dry Shampoo is everything: it’s a non-aerosol dry shampoo (which is great for all hair types) with a light So Fresh scent. Our Everywhere Balm is also amazing: you can apply it anywhere that needs extra moisture (lips, cuticles, elbows, everywhere!) Also, we love our De-Puff Eye Gel! It’s a cooling and de-puffing roll on to be used any time for tired eyes.

What minimal-ish products are you most excited to try? Comment below & tell us!

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