With the launch of our newest activewear collection, OFFLINE by Aerie, we wanted to give you a guide on how to care for your newest sports bras, leggings, and more! Read on below to see how to keep your fave OFFLINE pieces so fresh and SO clean.

Turn inside out

When you’re washing your sports bra, bike shorts or leggings, be sure to turn them inside out first. This can reduce the outer fabric from pilling or snagging as well as ensuring the *sweatiest* parts of your pieces are cleaned thoroughly. 

Wash right away

By washing activewear right after your workout, you’re reducing bacteria growth and odor. If you can’t wash it right away, immediately rinse it or leave it to soak in cold water.

Add salt

Adding salt to your laundry may sound a little strange, but trust us on this one! It helps keep the color of your OFFLINE activewear fresh (and the colors bright). A little goes a long way, so just use one teaspoon per load.

Wash separately

Be sure to wash any activewear separately to avoid snags or rips and any possible color transfer. You can wash your fave OFFLINE pieces together, but try not to combine it with your regular laundry.

Hand wash or wash on delicate

Hand washing your activewear is the best way to ensure a lasting workout piece. If you don’t have time to hand wash, make sure you’re setting your washer on the “delicate” setting to avoid any adverse effects. 

Hang to dry

Avoid using your dryer to dry the clothes and instead hang them to dry! This helps any items keep their original shape and helps the fabric maintain integrity. No clothesline? Hang it in your shower! 

How do you wash your OFFLINE activewear? Comment below & tell us! 

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