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For those that have been granted the right to vote, you have the power to make REAL change and this year, Aerie has partnered with HeadCount to support you along the way. We want to help you get registered to vote, learn about important election deadlines, find out exactly how and where to cast your ballot (and get information about who and what is on it) & so much more!

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Say It With Style 

We’ve also unveiled two T-shirts that were designed exclusively for Aerie by Jena Holliday of A Spoonful Of Faith Studio. Make your voice heard with these online-exclusive T-shirts, of which 100% of purchase price benefits non-partisan, non-profit organization HeadCount

Are you now all set to vote this November? Tell us in the comments why voting is important to you and catch up on the reasons why our #AerieREAL ambassadors think so in one of our latest posts.  

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