Hey Aerie Fam, Berna Anat here, your Financial Hype Woman bringing you a second round of budgeting tips to help you get prepared for the future! 

If I had a dollar every time someone asked me, “How do I get better at saving money?”… I could maaaybe put a tiny dent in our nation’s student debt crisis. (I mean, $1.56 trillion?!) 

But to be honest, my answer is pretty simple: 

1. Make more money (you’re probably underpaid!), and then, 

2. Make that money work for you. 

 There are no special ~tips n’ tricks~ to Step 1; odds are, if you’re a woman and especially a person of color, you’re likely being underpaid. Can you magically squeeze more water out of an empty cup? Nope. You can’t pressure yourself to save money if you don’t make enough to cover your monthly survival expenses, either. 

If you’ve got a decent cash flow and you’re just trying to get your wallet in order, then Step 2 is all you (and me!). I’ll lead you through a couple easy steps to take to create some savings goals that are crystal clear, actually attainable, and for finance’s sake — legitimately fun. 

Did you pick up any new tips or find out something super insightful from Berna’s video? Let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comments below! 

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  1. Shauna Rovere

    Not only was Berna funny, but she had great financial advice in this video! I took down some notes. Can't wait to begin applying them! New me here I come. lol

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