Happy Veteran’s Day!

Today we pay homage to our country’s veterans who have bravely served or continue to serve in the military as a selfless act of patriotism. In order to celebrate, AEO is donating $1,000 to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, which offers support to first responders, military personnel and more in honor of deceased firefighter Stephen Siller. AEO is also continuing its annual donation of veteran care packs for a Pittsburgh homeless shelter, which will feature items like imperative hygiene products, hats, socks and more.   

At Aerie, we also want to take time this holiday to highlight the many associates at AEO who make up some of the nation’s honored veterans. Whether they represent the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard, each of these individuals have shown their love for the country through their great act of service. Thank you!  

Remembering the Times

CPL Samantha Nigro, John Shaffer far right, Nate Christopher, Tom Banta
Jen Baiker far right, Gary Snyder, Dave Baych, Elizabeth Campbell far left

Our AEO Veterans 

Amy Atkinson, Coast Guard

Jen Baiker, Marines

Tom Banta, Marines

Angelo Bartol, Army

Dave Baych, Marines

Todd Brady, Marines

Don Branten, Navy

Paul Burda, Navy

Elizabeth Campbell, Marines

Bill Cannane, Army

Warren Chambers, Army & Navy

Rob Chandler, Army

Nate Christopher, Army

Kristie Clearwater, Air Force

Stephen Cole, Air Force

Andrew Colvin, Marines

Arthur Criqui, Army

Terry Criqui, Air Force

Alan Crismas, Navy

Brandon Duarte, Army

Nick Dulina, Army

Roy Dunlap, Navy

Don Edgar, Army

Sean Gongaware, National Guard

Jerry Griffin, Army

Nathanial Griffith, Army

Frank Hopkins, Navy

Michael Hull, Army

Matthew Kaziska, Army

Ben Keen, Army

Benjara Kendrick, Navy

William Kilgore, Marines

Maricruz Krape, Army

Chris Littlewood, Air Force

Robin Long, Navy

Jeremy Maroney, Marines

Anthony Martinez, Army

Jason Martinez, National Guard

Scott McBride, Marines

Ron McMechan, Army

James Passman, Air Force

Luther Pickens, Air Force

Brian Poveromo, Air Force

Mandy Pratt, Army

Patrick Ramirez, Navy

Alan Reynolds, Navy

David Robertson, Army

Scott Rupnik, Army

Steven Scott, Army

John Shaffer, Marines

Mike Skiles, Army National Guard

Tyler Smith, Army

Gary Snyder, Coast Guard

Terry Stone, Army

Seth Summers, Army

Peter Tekula, Army

Trinity Tinsley, Navy

Nick Vernitsky, Marines

Corey Weber, Marines

Joseph Wharton, Air Force

Timothy Wisniewski, Navy

Pete Wolken, Marines

Ernest Workman, Army

Kristi Zola, Army

How do you pay respect to the veterans in your life? Or how do your loved ones honor you on this day if you are a veteran? Share what this holiday means to you in the comments, Aerie fam. 

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