#AerieREAL Changemaker Cat Lantigua of Goddess Council recently took us through a guided journaling session to help us set thoughtful intentions for the year. On Jan. 16 (followed by a second session on Jan. 18), Cat shared empowering writing prompts with the Aerie community with the goal of helping us release our fears! Backed by the tunes of smooth jazz and meditative music — she personally recommends the Cozy Jazz and Happiness Frequency playlists — Cat accompanied the reflective mood with a peaceful soundtrack.

In order to inspire your next journaling session, we’re sharing a few of Cat’s writing tips and more about what motivated her to launch the Goddess Council community in the first place. Plus, we’re recommending some of the cutest journals at Aerie that are perfect for capturing all of your notes, goals and dreams. Scroll below to keep reading and to get your journaling started today! 

Goddess Council founder Cat Lantigua

What motivated you to create Goddess Council? 

The idea for Goddess Council (GC) came up for me during the peak of my loneliness and depression. I’d recently moved to NYC from Miami and found myself with no social life or friends for the first six months of living there. It began taking a toll on my mental health because day in and day out I would walk amongst thousands of people, but none of them ever really seemed to actually see me.  

I contemplated moving back to Miami, but before I made any drastic decisions I promised myself that I would try my best to attract a community of like-minded women into my life. After a 4-hour manifestation session and lots of typing away at my computer, GC was born! 

How do you sustain a heart-felt community through a digital platform? 

Nurturing GC’s warm and loving culture digitally requires clear intentionality. My solid approach is to ensure that every single member is acknowledged and made to feel like they belong within the space. That plays out in small ways like sending a warm welcome message when a new member joins our community, posting birthday messages, acknowledging new members during their first gathering, and so much more! 

When it comes to GC, I always wonder what I would want to experience most within a space I’m entering and looking to evolve within; I then try to create that experience for everyone else! 

Cat meets with fellow GC community members in Miami, April 2019.

How can the Aerie community get involved with Goddess Council? 

The best way to get involved in GC is by joining our membership! Once becoming a goddess member, access to our private portal, 25+ monthly gatherings, life enhancing content, and new connections will immediately be made available. You’ll even be able to opt in to being matched with a pen pal! You can also follow our happenings on social media by following @goddess.council

What are some key tips for people journaling for the first time to build healthy habits? 

I’d encourage them to do everything they can to create a fun and enjoyable experience for themselves, otherwise, journaling may begin to feel like something else they ‘have to’ do and it won’t stick as a consistent habit. If approaching journaling like a self-love ritual and something to look forward to, they’ll be surprised at how much they end up writing/how much better they feel! In other words, do what you can to associate your practice as a sign of self-care, not a chore. 

Tips on creating a journaling ambiance: 

• Find a cozy nook or spot in your home where you won’t be interrupted 

• Play some music in the background! I recommend jazz, lo-fi hip-hop beats, and tone healing frequency music. 

• Wear loose fitting clothing and get comfy! 

Now it’s your turn, Aerie fam! Use the writing prompt below to get your journal entry going. 

Writing Prompt Theme: Releasing Fear 

If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?

What’s one thing you will do this year that you were too afraid to do before? Why is this important to you?

Think about a specific fear that has been attached to a certain element of your life. Now, write a letter saying goodbye to that fear…grant yourself permission to spill your feelings onto the page!

How did you like this exercise? Let us know in the comments, Aerie fam, and shop our assortment of Desk Accessories & Stationary to get inspired for your next journaling session.

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