This spring we’ve got plenty of comfy and cute pieces that are also…TIE-DYE for! We’re talking OTT fleece matching sets, bike shorts, sports bras, leggings and the like, all of which are introduced in punchy new tie-dye designs to give your wardrobe a pop.  

You know we love getting creative and we even wanted to whip up some homemade tie-dyed looks this season. Our director of styling, Erin, took on the challenge with our solid white Fleece-Of-Mind matching set! Watch and follow along in the video below as she shows us step by step how we can whip up a tie-dye masterpiece in the comfort of our own homes. And remember, don’t worry about imperfections — it’s what makes your piece perfectly yours! 

Tie-Dye DIY How-To 

  1. Prewash cycle.
  2. Use a pencil! Mark a hashed line.
  3. Sew along your lines…
  4. Pull thread & wrap it so it’s tight.
  5. Knot it.
  6. Paint & leave overnight.
  7. Cut strings for the reveal!

Are you ready to try your hand at tie-dye? Share with us your tips and tricks for making your own creative styles at home in the comments, Aerie fam!

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