Ever heard of our Real Me Crossover Legging by chance? You know, the one that had a 130k person waitlist … yea, that one! You may have heard some of the hype buzzing around the internet (like that famous TikTok moment), but do you actually know about the amazing details that make this style such a favorite?  

In order to hear more from the source itself, we caught up with Aerie designer Morgan Cole who is a part of the rock star team that created the legging. Read on below to learn what she says makes this style so flattering (and get hints about what’s to come!). Plus, check out some of the ways that YOU have shown them love and what amazing things you had to say!

What do you feel makes the Real Me Crossover Legging so awesome?  

We love the Crossover Legging because it’s super flattering on all body types.  It also adds just a simple fun fashion detail to our favorite Real Me Legging. Combined with the yumminess and amazing stretch of the fabric — and our beautiful smooth seams — it’s the perfect combination of style, fit and function.

It’s the perfect combination of style, fit and function.

Morgan Cole, Aerie designer

How did you decide to do this style of waistband? Did you anticipate this legging becoming so popular? 

We actually first ran this waistband back in the summer of 2020. We wanted to take our signature v-shaped waistband and add a special detail to it that would make it stand out to our girl. We loved the detail so much that we continued to refresh it in different colors seasonally.  We knew that it was going to be a great style that added an extra flair to our assortment, but never anticipated that it would blow up the way that it did.

OFFLINE‘s Real Me Crossover Legging features a v-seam made to fit you in all the right ways!

How do you feel knowing it went viral? 

Having something that I’ve designed go viral is absolutely insane. It’s so crazy how something as simple as a video on a social media platform can have that large and quick of an impact. I definitely called my mom immediately to tell her the news. It made me so proud to be a part of the OFFLINE team — knowing that together we could accomplish so much more than we’d dreamed. 

What can we expect from this design in the future — any hint on colors, prints, or more?  

We are so excited to continue to expand on the Crossover in the future. We’ve got a whole spectrum of colors and prints coming down the pipeline so there will be a color for everyone for sure. Also excited to explore some fabulous florals for summer. We’re going to take the Crossover to the next level too by offering it across multiple inseams and silhouettes – can you say FLARE?!? Keep an eye out for Crossover in new fabrics as well!

We’ve got a whole spectrum of colors and prints coming down the pipeline so there will be a color for everyone for sure.

Morgan Cole, Aerie designer

You rocked it!

You said it!

Look at how strong and confident they look 💕  


It’s crazy how the same pair of leggings can fit so differently on so many bodies! all so beautiful!


Most flattering and comfortable article of clothing I’ve ever had


Glad I grabbed these monthssss ago 😎 they are amazing!


amazing amazing leggings 🤩 10/10  


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In the meantime, let us know what colors and prints you hope to see in the future, Aerie fam!   

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